Hyundai Tucson L with 200-horsepower engine

Hyundai Tucson L with 200-horsepower engine


Recall that the updated Hyundai Tucson crossover has already entered the markets of South Korea and Europe, the USA and China are now next in line. However, it is for the Chinese market that Hyundai has prepared a special version of the crossover, which differs from the “global” model.

In terms of dimensions and design, the Chinese specification Hyundai Tucson L will not differ from the American one. A long version with a wheelbase of 2755 mm and a length of up to 4670 mm is intended for these markets. According to these parameters, the Tucson model has already risen on a par with the second-generation Santa Fe crossover of the 2005 model year.

At the same time, the interior of the Hyundai Tucson L was made different for China. If the “global” Tucson has a 10.25-inch widescreen media system display and a touch-sensitive air conditioner control panel of about the same size, then the Tucson L for China was equipped with a 10.4-inch vertical tablet, on the sides of which there are only a few “hot” keys. The media itself has a local Baidu 3.0 operating system and extensive online functionality.

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In addition, the Chinese version of the Tucson L has its own engine: it is a 1.5 petrol turbo engine that develops 200 hp. and 253 Nm of torque. As a transmission, a 7-speed “robot” with two clutches and front-wheel drive is offered, although an all-wheel drive version will also enter the market later.

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