Hyundai Veloster with a mid-engined brought to the test


The Korean automaker has begun testing sports modification of the model.

Specialists Hyundai are working on a new version of the model Veloster with the average location of the engine and today edition Autoevolution has published a series of new spy shots of the car. The car turned out too extreme for driving on normal roads, but the Korean company might surprise us.

Judging by the photos, mid-engined Veloster has a lot in common with racing Veloster N TCR. However, a number of significant differences, for example, elongated in the horizontal direction of the intake air instead of several smaller ones. Tiny side mirrors located on the “legs” that are attached directly to the door panels.


In the rear side Windows appeared vents on each side, that says about the average arrangement of the engine. Similar elements are seen racing TCR.

Note that work on the new Hyundai Veloster with the average location of the engine began 3 years ago. However, the vehicle on the spy shots is significantly different from the first prototype, which was powered by a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine with an electric supercharger with a power of 295 HP 383 Nm of torque.

These spy shots show that Hyundai is developing a new car, but it is not clear how it will be positioned model.

What are the N-machine are you interested in more?

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