Hyundai will introduce the car in system of the analysis of the degree of injuries in an accident

Hyundai will introduce the car in system of the analysis of the degree of injuries in an accident

Hyundai Motor Company has announced the beginning of cooperation with MDGo, the Israeli startup that specializiruetsya on the design of medical systems using artificial intelligence (AI).

The goal of the collaboration is to develop and then implement in production models Hyundai new-generation of advanced safety systems, which will reduce the number of deaths due to traffic accidents by timely notifying medical services on the severity of the injury.

This will allow physicians prior to arrival at the scene to evaluate the victim’s condition and make a plan of first aid.

How it works

The intelligent system analyses the severity of injuries MDGo uses a sophisticated algorithm that estimates the state of health of the passengers of the car in real time, and promptly notifies emergency services and medical facilities on the likely injuries as a result dorozhno-transport incident.

Using the range of the vehicle sensors and technology MDGo, Hyundai Motor will be able to send the emergency services a lot of data such as information about the severity of the injury and also the effectiveness of the operation of security systems. It is important to note that innovation will provide physicians a “Golden hour” – the time after injury, which allows for the most efficient first aid. It is believed that during this time the likelihood that treatment will prevent the patient’s death, the most high. Thus, the emergency services will be able to use the appropriate qualified medical personnel prior to arrival at the scene.

“MDGo has exclusive technology analysis AI-optimized safety of the driver and passengers. Thanks to the introduction of this technology in Hyundai, we greatly improve occupant protection and speed up the procedure of emergency medical care to victims of road accidents,” – said Angco Chi, Chairman and chief specialist in innovation Hyundai Motor Group.

Why is it necessary

MDGo AI technology allows for up to 7 seconds to acquire and transmit a lot of data on the status of the passengers (including a detailed analysis of the potential injuries) and a car got into an accident. AI system constantly studies and improves interpretation of various accident scenarios based on real data about trauma patients received from medical institutions.

The partnership with the MDGo will also help Hyundai to expand the possibilities of active and passive safety of their vehicles. Data collected in artificial intelligence as a result of painstaking analysis of many scenarios of different types of accidents, will help Hyundai to improve design features of vehicles, making them safer for passengers.

All for the sake of security

Strategy Hyundai Motor, known as the “Freedom of movement”, involves the reduction of accidents and their impact on owners of Hyundai cars. In the framework of this strategy, the company has introduced several innovations that in the near future will be integrated in production vehicles. Among them is the airbag that protects the driver and passengers when re-collision and the built-in vehicle sensors that transmit real-time information about the condition of the driver (blood pressure, pulse rate, etc.) medical services.

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