Hyundai will produce exoskeletons

Hyundai will produce exoskeletons


The company has developed a device that is easier and cheaper counterparts.

Hyundai announced the development of a new product that will simplify the work of the staff Assembly facilities. We are talking about the exoskeleton EXoskeleton Vest (VEX) for a job he does not need more servos, and its weight is much less than its competitors.

VEX is worn as a backpack. The exoskeleton has a polycentric axis, which brings together many of the points of support and helps the muscles, which eliminates the need to use electric servos. Design for a VEX similar to the orthosis, a medical device to unload the damaged joint or limb.


VEX weight — 2,5 kg, 22-42 percent less than competing devices. The dorsal section of the exoskeleton is adjustable in length to 18 inches, and the extent of support has six levels — up to 5.5 pounds of force. In the framework of the development of the exoskeleton tried it on two plants of Hyundai Motor Group in the US, where he appreciated the staff.

VEX commercial production will begin in December, and after a while it will begin to use on the Assembly lines of Hyundai companies. The retail price of the exoskeleton will be 30 percent lower than peers, which on average cost five thousand dollars. Commercial production will go Chairless EXoskeleton (CEX) is a device that is capable of maintaining the worker in a sitting position without a chair.

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