Hyundai will raise the price “charged” hatchback Veloster N 2020

Hyundai will raise the price “charged” hatchback Veloster N 2020

The North American division of Hyundai has published the price list for “charged” hatchback Veloster N 2020 model year. Car slightly, but still rose in price.

When in 2019, a new South Korean hatchback of Hyundai in the high-performance version of the Veloster N, we were just amazed by its performance. With a base price of $26,900, the vehicle offers a decent 2.0-litre four-cylinder turbo engine capacity of 250 horsepower, and the way versions of the car 2020 model year will be installed the same motor.

A new report by the overseas edition Cars Direct indicates the increase in the price of $500 for the Veloster N 2020. If you look on the official price list of Hyundai, then the “hot” hatchback base version costs $27,400.

Yes, of course, it is not really a significant price increase. However, the price increase by Hyundai without any major changes in the list of equipment high-performance cars.

We will remind that by 2020 the prices of all versions of the Veloster hatchback will continue to grow, although not as much as on a more powerful version of the sports division of Hyundai Veloster N. Picking the entry-level will see an increase of $100, while the Premium version will be more expensive on $50.

Pressure from direct competitors “evil” of the South Korean kid can also be an important factor in making decisions about changing the pricing policy. For example, Honda recently raised the price of its “charged” Civic Type R by $610.

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