Hyundai will roll out the SUV at the new electric platform

Hyundai will roll out the SUV at the new electric platform

Electric vehicles Hyundai Hyundai Ioniq and Kona are already available, but they are based on common platforms with cars with internal combustion engines and hybrids. According to the Korean edition Businesskorea this year needs to be completed to develop a new platform for the first prototypes of electric vehicles.

Hyundai began developing electric models are called NE, is based on a modular platform Electric-Global (E-GMP).

The first model on the platform E-GMP will be a compact SUV with a cruising range on one charge about 450 kilometers. Hyundai plans to complete the creation of the prototype by December of this year and to introduce the electric car in June 2020. Serial production is scheduled to begin in 2021.

From Hyundai already has a small electric crossover Electric Kona on sale. It shares many components with the usual drive Kona and thus has some features of the car with the engine that are not needed in an electric vehicle, such as a large hood or large center console. Platform E-GMP Hyundai may plan their electric cars more flexible and potentially easier to produce them.

Hyundai is on the verge of choice the main supplier of battery cells. The question of whether the concluded contract with one company or multiple vendors, as in the case of MEB Volkswagen.

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With the development of E-GMP, it became clear that Hyundai will not rely solely on hydrogen in the future. The Korean company announced earlier this month that it will invest 6.7 billion dollars in fuel cell technology. In addition, Hyundai intends to sell its drive systems fuel cell competitors in the future to provide a more rapid global recognition of the technology – and, of course, to recoup high investment costs.

Earlier it was reported that electric cars Hyundai and KIA will be produced on the new platform.