Hyundai’s flying taxi network will cover 65 cities around the world

Hyundai’s flying taxi network will cover 65 cities around the world


Hyundai and Urban-Air Port have revised their plans to develop a worldwide flying taxi network. According to Bloomberg, the alliance plans to launch 65 transport hubs in several countries at once in different parts of the world. And the first place where flying taxis will appear will be the British town of Coventry.

In Coventry, the airport will open early next year. Moreover, it was originally planned to launch it in 2021. Obviously, the postponement is due to the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent restrictions, which affected a wide variety of areas.

Urban-Air develops transport infrastructure facilities. The head of the firm, Riki Sandhu, is confident that in the near future, air mobility will become one of the most promising areas. However, its development requires the development of a network of supporting infrastructure.

The hub in Coventry will not only be able to serve air taxis, but will become a kind of transshipment base for cargo drones. He was also prepared to act as a link between air and ground transport networks, such as buses or private electric transport.

Following Coventry, the partners will open a similar airport in central London, as well as in Los Angeles. In general, at the first stage, the created transport network will affect 65 cities in the UK, USA, France, Germany, Scandinavia, Australia, as well as South Korea and Southeast Asia.

Over time, the number of such transport nodes is going to grow to two hundred.

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