I advanced Jaguar-pace: new technologies and faster recharging


I Jaguar-PACE – the world’s first premium fully electric crossover – now presented with rapid charging and an intuitive infotainment system. Debuting in 2018, the car has received 80 international awards among which, in 2019, the Car of the Year in the World design of the Year in the World and an Eco-friendly Car in the World. Breaking patterns and introducing electric cars in the premium segment for 2 years I Jaguar-PACE has become famous in the world.

In Ukraine I-PACE has become the absolute leader in new registrations of electric cars in 2019. Last year was 148 cars of this model and a 22% market share of all newly registered electric cars in the country.

With two electric motors on each axle, with a capacity of 400 K. C. and a maximum torque of 696 Nm with an aluminum design and low center of gravity – I-PACE offers a balance of productivity all-wheel drive, refinement and agility.

Quick load and comfort

This is the first Jaguar with a new infotainment system Pivi Pro. Similar to the smartphone, it is intuitive for the driver. Specially designed for electric vehicle, navigation system, adaptive Pivi Pro shows all available charging stations and the cost of charging. At the same time, and calculates the charging time (depending on the region), offering the driver to optimize his schedule.


Now I-PACE features a built-in charger with a capacity of 11 kW, which can charge car at an accelerated pace from the three-phase power sources. You can connect to a wall-mounted home charging station with a capacity of 11 kW, which would give 53 km* reserve after charging for one hour (WLTP). To charge the battery from 0 to 100% – just need 8.6 hours. This is the perfect way to recharge overnight at home.

Single-phase power sources and the use of wall-mounted home charging stations 7 kW of power provide up to 35 km reserve after charging for hours. A full charge under these conditions is possible at 12.75 hours. Charged in the movement from the charger with a capacity of 50 kW and within 15 minutes the car will get a range of up to 63 km For the same 15 minute charger with a capacity of 100 kW will provide the range of up to 127 km.

In addition to the speed of charging for the driver and passengers is also important to health and comfort in the cabin. Now ionizes the air by filtering out PM2.5, which delays ultrafine particles and allergens from outside. I-PACE is able to filter the air before the journey. While charging you can use a system of pre-conditioning that optimizes the temperature of the battery and cleans the air of allergens before the trip. Advanced climate control system regulates the energy efficiency of the heating or cooling up to four zones independently.

Regarding the external design: the radiator grille has got a new finish in the colour Atlas Grey, auto body expanded palette of colors, offers a new line of luxury wheels and optional trim package Bright.

Alan Wolkins, Director of the model line Jaguar I-PACE, commented on the updates:

“Developing I-PACE, we wanted to make it the most desirable in the world and showcase its future as the electric vehicle. We reached ambitious goals, and move on with a new infotainment system, three-phase charging and technology for the comfort of driver and passengers.”

Advanced technology, system connection and navigation

The new infotainment system Pivi Pro – a highlight is a spacious and luxurious interior. A virtual digital instrument panel with 12.3 screen, 10-inch top and 5 inch bottom touch screens** and a multi-functional touch sensitive jog switches combined with sharp graphics. So intuitively the driver quickly becomes accustomed to the screen and controls.

Inspired by smartphones, system Download Pro is easy to use, with a powerful processor and fast start-up ready to work before the driver puts on the seat. Thanks to the integrated backup battery, initialization of navigation lasts a few seconds.

New menu structure in the style of minimalism facilitates navigation through the system, and that are daily demanded of the settings and features are available in one click on your home screen. The updated system halves the steps that the driver passed to establish the destination. The map also scales and moves with the fingertips, as in the smartphone.

Pivi Pro helps you the best route. With the algorithms of self-improvement, navigation optimizes the route and can stop the voice guidance, when the driver travels a familiar road. Maps are constantly aktualisierte with wireless updates (SOTA).


Stephen Bolter, Manager design I Jaguar-PACE:

“Pivi Pro facilitates the use of public charging stations, because shows the location and reports about the download of the other carts, and the cost and estimated time of charging. Most customers charge your I-PACE at home, but we wanted to make the simple process of charging in the road – this was due to the new infotainment system”.

Pivi Pro automatically adds charging stations to the route chosen, offering optimal to reduce the time of travel. If they are long – Pivi Pro informs about the expected level of charge on arrival at each route point***.

Advanced I-PACE are available with optional wireless charging panel under the Central “levitating” console.

Driver assistance and comfort

I-PACE is designed for maximum protection and comfort for the owner and his family, for which he received a top five-star EuroNCAP rating (a car safety).

Modern digital technology helps drivers and road users improved visibility of the road. New 3D camera circular view provides 360° overview and shows the potential danger on the Central touch screen.

Interior rear view mirror ClearSight increases the visibility: the driver sees the road behind even with three passengers in the back seat or a loaded to the ceiling 656-liter boot. ClearSight uses the rear camera with wide angle lens attached to the screen in the mirror without frame. Using the mirror switch driver changes the review with the standard mirrors on the stream from the camera. Integrated roof antenna, camera works in low ambient light, and a protective lip and a hydrophobic coating to repel water and protect the camera lens from dirt.

New options for future owners

Addition to the new finish grille color Atlas Grey is the new optional exterior package Bright available for all models in the range of I-PACE. Package Bright highlights interesting design I-PACE thanks to: grille color Noble Chrome covers of rear view mirrors in color, Atlas Grey, framing the window shade Satin Chrome and rear outlet color Atlas Grey. Modern optional trim package Black extended glossy black finish rear emblems.

Now updated palette of colors – the colors of the Caldera Red, Portofino Blue and Grey Eiger.

Inside the car, customers will be able to enjoy advanced surround sound system Meridian 3D Surround Sound System technology TrifieldTM. With two extra speakers in the ceiling of the room, in General, there are 16 speakers and one subwoofer, ensuring a pleasant journey for all passengers.

Global transition to electric vehicles is getting easier

I Jaguar-PACE designed for comfortable possession and ease of use of the electric car:

  • With a range of up to 470 km (WLTP) from the battery 90 kWh, customers with an average daily mileage needs to be charged I-PACE only once per week****.
  • The battery to I-PACE are warranted for 8 years or 160 000 km.
  • A tool for calculating reserve https://www.jaguar.ua/ allows you to define as speed, ambient temperature and configuration of climate control affecting the real reserve.
  • Jaguar has developed an app iGuide to simplify search and understanding of the key controls of electric vehicles. It is also a benefit of the car owner in the mobile phone giving answers to questions about charging.
  • While charging at public stations, the charging cable is locked after closing the car couldn’t turn it off before opening the electric vehicle that gives owners the freedom of movement at any location while the car is charging.
  • Eco-mode saves the electric reserve, reducing energy costs and encouraging economical driving style. This affects the interior temperature, the air recirculation and so on.
  • I-PACE has a function of wireless software update (SOTA). Systems, including infotainment, battery management and charging, electric car remotely updated and improved independently.


In Ukraine the official dealer centers advanced Jaguar I-PACE will appear in the 4th quarter of 2020. The cost of the electric vehicle 21 model year for the Ukrainian market will be announced later.

* The increase in reserve is calculated by the WLTP cycle 1 hour/15 min

** The bottom touch screen is optional for model S and standard for the rest

*** Navigation will be improved using wireless software updates. To specify the presence of the navigation features and prediction of route based charging stations in Ukraine have official dealerships

**** Based on data received by the program Jaguar Go I-PACE in the UK

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