This is the super rare Bugatti Divo worth $8 million!! Only 40 of these cars exist in the world. I take you through all its special features. A massive thanks to the owner (who wants to remain anonymous) for letting me borrow his car! What a day! Hope you enjoy guys xoChiron Pur Sport Drive – My New Show – @CarWarsYT My New Short Videos – #bugatti #divo

what’s up guys supercar blondie um i got the strangest and the best call ever this week it’s like hey i own a devo you want to come drive it yes how freaking cool is that so the owner is not actually here at the moment he said just come on by i’ll put the devo outside for you just have a look around share it with the supercouple and your family take it for a bit of a drive and i was like okay i’ll be right there it’s so freaking cool so thank you so so much that owner he wishes to remain anonymous but to the main event shall we so here is this or her gorgeous bulgari tivo this car now is worth about eight million dollars you guys know frank the deputy design director at bugatti he told me that the average owner of one of these devos already owns a 40 special cars has 40 cars already in their garage you’ve got to be a super super special bugatti client to be able to buy one of these you cannot just call bugatti up and be like hey man i love the devo can i have one no it doesn’t work like that they’re going to ask you do you already have a shiron and if you haven’t yet bought the three million dollar shiron that’s it they’re hanging up you’ve got to buy the shiron before you’re allowed to buy this car now the original price of this car was about six million dollars so you already had to have a three million dollar bugatti and then you could maybe buy this six million dollar divo because there are only 40 of these cars being made and that’s why the price has now gone up from about six million dollars when it was first launched to about eight million dollars right let’s have a look around it as you can see straight away there are lots of design changes from the chiron to the devo look at this the daytime running lights are in this boomerang shape and what they’ve done is they’ve pushed them all the way to the edge of the car just so that the car looks wider and more aggressive and if you look at the headlights itself they’re tiny aren’t they these are the actual headlights very different from the chiron which has those diamond shapes in the headlights this is just very um kind of i use the word squished it’s probably not the designer’s favorite word sorry about that frank but they are a little bit more squished which makes it a little bit more aggressive so there you go that’s the headlights for you around the side here guys what’s quite interesting is they have split the car in two so you’ve got this blue segment here and this white segment here everything you see in blue is for function so aerodynamics the white is for design purposes i think that’s really interesting that they’ve done that also the split this split between colors is meant to make the car look closer to the road so it actually looks lower than the chiron but it’s not this is basically the sporty lightweight version of the chiron this is 35 kilos lighter than the chiron is let’s look at its extra panels the louvers air intakes out tanks etc here’s some nice little louvres for you and that’s actually just going to expel some air from this area here around the wheel air intake here and around the back this is super cool guys this is a major design change from the shear on you’ve got this fin running down the back here now the purpose behind this is you’ve got the air flowing through here down over the engine bay but in order to stop the air from kind of circulating around here this fin just breaks it up and throws it out the back so that fin is therefore again function it’s in blue guys it all makes sense you’ve got four exhaust pipes here at the back that are visible and then you’ve got another exhaust pipe here on the right and another exhaust pipe here on the left so in all you’ve got six exhaust pipes now you might think well hang on a note why have you kind of hidden two on either side of these visible ones now that’s for a very good reason actually three reasons the first reason is this it’s actually going to be too noisy if you have all six exhaust pipes facing directly back at you right so they’ve got two facing down the second reason they’ve done this is to actually increase the downforce which is quite interesting the third reason is because if you have all six exhaust pipes right here it actually gets so hot that these little lights to light up your rear number plate can actually melt from the heat coming out of the exhaust pipe so isn’t that crazy now the other cool thing to show you guys is this i love these rear taillights i mean how freaking cool is this it’s not hidden behind like a panel of glass all of this is a 3d mesh and you can kind of run your fingers through it this is so freaking cool these white panels here are the ones where the light comes through now in order to have the light come through they had to square off these edges if they just left only these panels this would not pass road homologation because it would be too dangerous to have squared off edges so what they’ve had to do is place in these black panels as well with rounded off edges and they’re thicker just so that you can pass the road homologation laws engine you guys this is what is so freaking impressive i just recently drove the shiron pure sport if you haven’t yet seen that v the link is in the description right here right here just go check it out that was epic i got to floor a chevron pure sport right this is a w16 engine with 1500 horsepower it’s actually an 8 liter w16 and it has four turbo chargers you can’t even imagine what this thing feels like to drive it is so smooth it is so smooth and there’s so much power i just can’t even like ah i can’t even explain it to you let’s get in now what is just so gorgeous is this interior you guys look at this stitching here like little birds taking off in flight love that you’ve got full exposed carbon fiber door so you’re going to notice a lot more carbon fiber in this car than in the chiron that’s because they’re trying to save as much weight as possible so you’ve got carbon fiber here everywhere you’ve also got carbon fiber here in the middle look at all of this it just gives you so much more of a like a sporty feel again you’ve got this beautiful sea curve here in the middle and this actually lights up in between you and the passenger and i think it’s just time to turn it on what do you think i got the key i got the key i better give this back and not forget about it here we go bugatti divo key eight million dollars sometimes i get a little bit like giddy about it i just can’t believe this okay are you ready oh some fancy shoes i had to wear my fancy shoes i’m in a devo there’s a nice little slot for the key which is awesome i love that bulk and it sits there so it’s not sliding around everywhere and then engine start time to look at the lights actually lit up head around the front first so foreign it’s just so deep and aggressive you know you don’t have the like the high pitched or the screaming or the gurgling but you have this deep aggressive growl and this interior i absolutely love i’m in love with it it’s just so simplified and stripped down you have only a few dials here in the middle your gear lever all right a button for the radio hazard and here if you look at what i can see straight into the engine i love that view now what is super cool here is lock on your speedometer it goes all the way up to 500 kilometers an hour on what car do you get to see that that is so freaking epic so the top speed is actually limited to 380 kilometers an hour uh but you know it has the potential to actually do that 500 kilometer an hour okay this is the moment now i’ve had a drive of a few different chirons and when i first drove a chiron i was like not sure about this experience it feels a little bit passive to me you know it’s so easy to drive i was just kind of driving in around in back streets right but recently i got to actually floor a chiron and that was the moment that i fell in love with the shiron because when you have a shiron you have 1500 horsepower to play around with that is the kind of thing you want to do with these cars is actually go and test what that feels like guys i cannot even explain to you how incredible 1500 horsepower feels zero to 100 in 2.4 seconds now when you’re thinking of the capabilities or how quick all electric cars are they’re not even there yet this doesn’t have any power from any batteries it’s all from the w16 and it is super super quick ah it’s music you know what i think it every time i hear it’s like a big breath out it’s like so relaxing here we go here we go and i’m a divo owner okay guys here is my next goal to become a bugatti chiron owner it’s gonna happen i will be a bug owner i know it i can feel it and i’m gonna get frank to kit it out for me he’s actually drawn already a bugatti chiron for me with the supercar blondie logo down the side so this is my next goal it’s going up on my vision board um one day i will be driving around a bug in dubai wow wow wow what a day a massive thank you to the owner once again and i just want to congratulate you on your devo and thank you to you guys for watching i hope you enjoyed that make sure to subscribe to my channel hit that notifications button so you don’t miss any of my vids all right love you guys

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