I Bought My First Hypercar!

I Bought My First Hypercar!


I love manufacturers who aren’t afraid to go all out and create something this bad ass. This S1 by @ARES DESIGN MODENA looks like a concept car, but it isn’t. It is going in to production now and will be delivered within the year. I am stoked to be the very first person to receive their S1. Only 24 will be made. Let me show you around the car and tell you why I decided to buy it. xo Alex

what’s up guys it’s supercar blondie here in dubai and i have massive news like i am so excited about this you see this car right here i just bought this car look at it look at this beauty i cannot believe this car honestly look at this we’re gonna go through all of its details in just a second but i just want us to stand here from the side and appreciate just how unique this car is i’ve never seen anything like it in my life this is so freaking amazing so what’s even more exciting is that i’m going to be the first person in the world to get this car delivered and it’s going to be limited to 24 pieces they’re only making 24 of these cars in the world and i get the first one so this is pretty much exactly how it’s going to look when it is delivered to me in about 10 months time so let’s have a look i’m actually super excited about this because i’ve been working on the supercar blondie channels now for almost four years and it’s it’s not something that i just kind of applied for it wasn’t a job role i just created this business and i’ve been working so hard to get to the point where i could firstly buy my first supercar which was my lamborghini hurricane and now i’ve been able to buy one of the most epic looking limited edition supercars in the world and i’m just so proud of this moment so proud of my team as well for working so hard so that we can kind of i don’t know just be able to live this kind of dream this supercar dream it’s just incredible and thank you to you guys as well so much for watching over the last four years i have driven like hundreds of supercars on high for cars and i’m constantly looking for the next craziest car right so when i saw this i was like is this a concept or is this an actual real car now like no we’re making this thing like this is going to happen it’s like what it’s like they’ve taken all of the coolest bits of every heifer car in the world and put it into this design so i was just blown away i was like what okay this is gonna be my car like i need to get this car because there are so many concept cars that are so awesome but none of them really come into the world looking the way they do when they’re a concept this to me looks as if it should be a concept car but it’s not is actually a fully road legal car and they’re only going to be making 24 of these babies and shipping them around to some lucky customers around the world so i feel very privileged to be able to say that i am the owner of this brand new rs design s1 all right let me show you some of my favorite features you’ve got these massive wheels on this car they look huge this is 21 inch in the front and you’ve got 22 inch in the back now it is totally up to each customer how big they want their wheels on this car for me i love the size it looks so i don’t just have such a presence so i think i’m going to keep them this size what i like about this is that this is the first time for me working with the manufacturer from scratch to build the exact car that i want so i can say i want my wheels this size i want the color to be this i want this feature over here so because there are only 24 of these cars being made each customer is going to get like a lot of personal time with the manufacturer to be able to make it like their perfect perfect car so you’ve got these um i don’t know like this this shape here is it’s different from anything else i’ve seen i love these running lights here the only thing that i wasn’t too keen on was these lights here i would have rather them be i don’t know just a little bit more modern looking this to me kind of looks a little bit old-school but i think that that’s the only part of this car that i’m not a hundred percent on everything else i absolutely love you’re going to see features here on the car and i’m sure you’ve already started writing in the comments section i see this i see that the pagani is what i see right here when you look at this it’s it is different it’s not in the kind of tear shape exactly but it does have a kind of pagani esque feel to me these side mirrors and then you’ve got the headlights here that is more classic pagani this here you will recognize straight away as a koenigsegg feature where the windscreen wiper is set in the middle of the windscreen so it’ll go like this so that’s kind of kernig’s egg ish um the way that this kind of dips down and has these massive fenders here that’s probably my favorite design element on this car just just how pronounced this area is and just how smooth and and and short nose this is here i just think it looks really aggressive and really great and i love these louvres as well the white color i’m not too sure of i love that you can see the contrast between the body the white and all of these louvers in black but this is where i want to get you guys involved what color should i order my s1 in please let me know in the comments section i would love your input i honestly have no idea at this point i’ve just seen it in white so i can do whatever i want please let me know so exterior color and interior color give me those options and i’m going to read through your comments because i need ideas you guys let me show you how the doors open now you can see here part of the roof will open with the door so you see that on a mclaren 720s for example and then this panel goes all the way down here and what’s interesting is it ends here so halfway over the fender so half of this is going to come up which is really cool like that’s going to be a massive door and it’s like you’re going to have some of the part of the louvres on the door panel which is so cool we’ve got a roof scoop which i love not just for practicality but also for looks i love that obviously i’m going to have mine in dubai so i had to ask those questions how is it going to function under you know extreme heat it said don’t worry about it we’ve looked at all of that stuff one of the reasons why we’ve got this spruce scoop is of course to feed more air into the engine which is here so it is a mid engine supercar you guys so that’s where we’re gonna see the engine these exhaust pipes remind me of what you have on the mclaren 600 lt so they come up instead of being placed here at the rear which leads me to what we’re working with right you might be going yeah yeah okay it’s a cool looking car how fast is it 2.7 seconds zero to 100 which is insane from a naturally aspirated v8 right here that produces 705 horsepower come around here have a look at the back you’ve got this sweeping tail light here that goes all the way across the back now the thing is that if you follow their instagram account which obviously we are doing um you can see it on the screen here now you’re gonna see little changes little updates as they go through the production phase which is over the next 10 months or so i’ve been having a look at their updates and it looks as if they have changed the look of the rear taillights to two on either side so we’re gonna see slight changes but the way it does look right now is pretty much exactly how we’re gonna see it once it rolls off the production line i say production line but there’s not really one there’s only 24 of them which is crazy um i love this as well this kind of flashing light from the f1 the laferrari has one of those which is so cool so really i feel like they’ve tied in some of the coolest features from the world’s coolest hyper cars into this baby right here some of you might say it’s a super car some of you might call it a hyper car in my mind it looks like a hyper car it performs like a hyper car so we’re going to call it a hyphen car it’s my first ever hire for car all right now go on around i gotta show you this yeah this is iris design right here a-r-e-s with this helmet logo you might be wondering why they have a helmet as a logo that’s because they think they might need it when they actually steal the customers away from all the other manufacturers i thought that was such an interesting story behind a logo so there you have it these guys rs design was founded in 2014 so it’s relatively new they’re actually a luxury coach builder let me explain what that means what they do is they create unique like one-of-a-kind cars and they also do limited production cars for example they will take a bentley mulsanne that has originally four doors and they will completely redesign that so that it had two doors so they’ve done that one-off unique piece for a customer they’ve also done several others like for example they’ve done a panther which is based off a lamborghini hurricane so what they do is they take certain cars and they make them super unique for customers but what they also do is they do limited production cars like this one so this car the s1 what they’ve done is they’ve borrowed the naturally aspirated v8 from the latest corvette because of course corvette changed from having the engine in the front to having it mid engine so mid mounted so what they’ve done is they’ve taken that from corvette as the base and that’s what they’re using in this car but they have completely retuned the engine so now it’s over 700 horsepower you’ll see also in the interior that the cabin is kind of divided into two separate parts kind of like what you see in the current corvette however the whole interior is completely different as you can see in this graphic right here it looks nothing like a corvette but now that i mention it to you probably go oh yeah because there’s that divider in the middle yeah i get you i get you so the great thing about taking an engine from the corvette is that actually this is going to be super easy to service because when you get something this unique and they do an in-house built engine what would happen is if anything went wrong they would have to send team members to you it would be so difficult it would just be so difficult for them to fix right if anything goes wrong with this they will take this into any dealership that services a corvette so it’s going to make it super super simple it looks like a hyper car but it has the practicality of owning a corvette if you know what i mean so i kind of like those two worlds being combined which brings me to the price now if you saw this what would you think how much would you think that this something this crazy would cost i mean for me if i saw this anywhere in the world i would go right this is a at least a two million dollar car that’s just from my knowledge my experience of what i’ve seen everywhere in the world from lots of different manufacturers if they come out with something this crazy looking it’s going to cost you but here’s the good news because they use the donor car of the corvette they can really bring that cost down so it looks like a two million dollar car but it’ll only cost you about 650 000 now i say only of course it’s a lot of money i know that i’ve had to work to get to this point to be able to afford a car like this i know the hustle that goes into that it is a lot of money but it’s not a lot of money for something that looks like this and is limited to only 24 cars in the world so i’m just like honestly i’m super psyched i this is the first time i’m seeing it outside it’s usually just displayed in their showroom and i walked up to it i was like oh my god this is crazy i cannot wait to actually drive this like this is going to be my car can you imagine getting into this thing it looks it honestly like this is the biggest head turner i have seen in ages and i just love the fact that they’re bringing hyper cars to a price point that you would never imagine is possible so i just love the combination of what they’re doing here and i want to know your opinion guys what do you think do you love it as much as i do i’m so excited about this what i’m going to do is i’m going to follow the journey of them building it over the next 10 months i should get it early next year that is the predicted time so over the next 10 months or so i’m going to be checking in with the team in modena italy as they progress through the build so i’ll keep you guys updated and please let me know what colors you guys think i should go with what color schemes because that’s the next thing i get to do all right let me know let me know oh my god can you imagine can you imagine getting in i’m just going to picture it right i’m walking up walking up with the key quick yeah i like it you

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