I Bought The New Tesla Cybertruck!

I Bought The New Tesla Cybertruck!


I went to buy the new Tesla Cybertruck today in Dubai! I also went to see a couple of friends to get their opinion of the car. Hopefully I’ll have it in my driveway before I forget the purchase ;-)Thanks for watching always guysMuch love,AlexCheck out my friends Ahmed – and Eve – @evepresenterFollow me on:#tesla #cybertruck

what’s up guys it’s super couple of the I’m here at home in Dubai this is my balcony this is my little boy monkey and today is an exciting day because I’ve decided to go and buy the Tesla cyber truck it was just launched last night when I first saw this when it was launched I don’t know what you thought but I was like what is that like not too sure about that at all looks like a triangle on wheels it looks like a moon rover kind of from the past brought to the future when you’re a kid and you play with little building blocks I was like if you get a square and a square and a triangle you’ve pretty much got the cyber truck and then you just blast it with some silver paint that’s it so I wasn’t like too keen on the look of it I first saw my god but I’ve been waiting for Tesla he likes it he just loves me don’t you sweetheart you excited we’re gonna get a cyber truck you’re gonna be cyber truck dummy I’ve been waiting for Tesla to bring out something they look super modern I’m a massive fan of Tesla I love the technology I love how quick they are I’ve driven both a Model X and a Model S P 100 D which is the quickest Model X you can get blows you mind it does you put your foot down on the gas worm your head slams back into the seat I mean it’s unlike anything you’ve ever experienced in a car before my issue with Tesla is that they don’t look that sexy so I’ve been waiting for a while for Tesla to be like we’ve got the most modern technology where the quickest on the market and we are the sexiest and now I wouldn’t say that this car is particularly sexy but what I would say is it looks super futuristic it looks like a concept car that they’re actually bringing to market I don’t know about you but it’s frustrating for me that we don’t see these super sexy look futuristic cars on the road today Tesla’s like we gotcha Covered here’s the most futuristic car on the market and even in 2022 when this car comes to market it will probably still be the most futuristic looking a car on the roads so we’ve seen that this like this exoskeleton it’s an ultra hard stainless steel type material that the body of the car is made of and it’s super super tough the back right so you’re looking at like the kind of back end of the triangle here this all rolls up and what’s revealed is this kind of like ute on the back this utility vehicle and then on the back of that there’s an inbuilt ramp that goes down touches ground so that you got you can literally drive up with your ATV on the back of the Ute and they’ve also got armored glass while that didn’t go to plan in the presentation that’s what they aim to do is actually have this armored glass that can withstand bullets from a 9-millimeter gun let’s go visit Tesla baby okay guys so I’m here with Eve she’s from channel 4 she’s a radio host here in Dubai so she was super cool [Laughter] before she introduced me I went to her honest honest opinion on this car okay total honest opinion are you joining the army why is this a square yeah why is it a triangle on wheels to you that moves that actually works yeah do you know what this is no it’s a Tesla yeah huh I know so they just released this car how much do you think it is jeez you’re asking somebody that doesn’t really know how much would you buy it for if you had to put the money down no if I’m going to be futuristic and I want to be the coolest person on the market I just get them to loan it to you in Durham’s okay so that’s like $300,000 it looks super futuristic you know this car is tricking everyone this car starts at thirty nine thousand dollars yeah super affordable it can go up from there but thirty nine thousand dollars and you’ve got yourself a triangle on wheels I don’t know who’s not impressed by that listen if no one knows what it is you could just and going back to the future all right so what goes down yeah but it looks nice what no what are your real honest thoughts I mean your toys like a car in the future the Flintstones car yeah it’s not awful like the cars that were used to unite it’s like it’s a brilliant car it’s weird yeah it’s a pyramid car yeah hundred ten seconds ten yeah you see we’re talking about Tesla here my Tesla three seconds under three seconds very basic do second yeah three seconds where are you going would you would you buy this car because it’s actually these the things how much do you think it is it goes for like a let’s say 119 no this is the thing right this is the first kind of evie that looks super futuristic and it’s also kind of a sort of affordable yep 30 starts at 39 yeah let’s go to the mall and buy two thumbs up thumbs up two cars two cars so I haven’t done much on Lucy in a while cuz I’m never in Dubai but here she is this is my baby my first baby that I worked so hard to get her name is Lucy you can see the stitching here on the side Lucy and this paint job here took three weeks to hand paint isn’t that mad I’m tweeting Elon Musk to see whether he’ll give me a discount if I buy two or more let us see what he says if he writes back a little bit and I’ll do like a little winky face like what discount do you want to give me go check me out on Twitter if you’re not already following me I’ve got other cool stuff up there supercar blondie okie-dokie vertes the map of all the charging stations that’s way more than I thought they were the real reason why I’m buying the cyber truck is so that I get priority parking in the mall this is because if you charge your car like there’s little priority like charging spots at the mall no one can park in there unless you have Tesla I love this building all right so unlike any other showroom around the world you can’t actually come to a Tesla showroom to buy a car there’s no sales team in here you have to buy your car online that’s how they take all sales orders there’s a super kind of futuristic concept I’ve always kind of walked into a showroom to buy a car I don’t know about you guys but that’s kind of like old-school now to buy a car inertia so what they’ve got here is a computer and this is literally where you make your order look oh look its money cybers make order now literally press this you can choose between three editions of the cyber truck this single motor jaw motor or try motor basically meaning you get one with one electric motor two electric motors or three electric motors now the most basic version goes for just under $40,000 just looking up other cars around the $40,000 mark you know either buy this one or you can get of 2019 Volvo XC 40 or you can get a 2019 mercedes-benz a-class just under $40,000 okay here we go $40,000 then it goes up to $50,000 this is the one I’m gonna get the $70,000 version the tri-motor all drive and then look for an extra 7,000 bucks you can add the self-driving feature do we want self-driving I think we do right so that’s taking us up to like seventy seven thousand dollars for this car imagine if you didn’t get the self-driving mode and then it came out and it was fully capable self-driving and everyone’s kind of self-driving in two three years home you’d be kind of pissed about it let’s do today you guys this is the craziest thing is you put your deposit down now and you’re only out-of-pocket $100 so you’ve got two years a good two years to be able to make or earn $70,000 before you have to pay off the car at all this the moment by now fully refundable you will be able to complete your configuration as production years in late 2021 expected to begin in late 2022 it’s a long time maybe I’ll be over it by then what can you just tell Elan Elan yeah just hurry it up mate yeah can I get one of the first ones that would be awesome place order your order is complete that’s crazy in a couple years time they’re gonna contact me and say hey you know that car you bought like two years ago it’s ready I’m sure I can figure it I’ve never in my life put down a deposit for a car online before for a hundred bucks that is totally a new a new concept to me so there’s someone over here looking at a Tesla I’m just gonna go ask him why it’s not getting the Cybertron or if he’s thinking of getting it my name is that thought Alex nice to meet nice to meet you Alex are you looking at buying a Tesla I want the model 3 og okay yeah do you think it’s a sexy looking car the thing is I’m more interested on the technology that it has right that’s kind of my line of thought as the design that’s not much effort on really interesting okay so here’s the question cyber truck just came out have you seen it yet no yeah the truck right I saw it yeah what do you think of the design of this one it’s so many – yeah and do you think it’s cool like do you like when you look at it do you go that’s a cool looking car it’s unique unique style like design you cannot see it like in different France yes the only one looks like that yeah if this was on the market today yeah and the money area for sure I’d have I would have bought this one this one yeah a shock alright guys so that’s it I have put my deposit down for the cyber truck why because it’s super futuristic looking it’s super quick I absolutely love the technology and to end Tesla and it is for an affordable price fingers crossed everything goes to plan and I have got a cyber truck in my driveway in a couple years time thanks for watching guys please like the video subscribe to the super craft blondie family I don’t know what’s gonna be next I had no idea I was gonna be buying a car today alright bye guys I’m out love ya

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