I drive a Pagani for the first time!!!

I drive a Pagani for the first time!!!


Road trip to Switzerland and got to drive the brand new DB11, Vanquish S and to top it all off the Pagani Zonda F all in one day!! Thanks to:www.carugati.chwww.prestigemotorgroup.comFollow me on Instagram and Facebook to see more on www.facebook.com/supercarblondiewww.instagram.com/supercarblondiewww.supercarblondie.com/viral

I am a sari my drawers on the wall I can’t believe it’s out so I don’t really know how to start these blogs I’m still getting used to it so all I’m gonna say is what’s up guys is your name Oh super couple indeed yeah everybody sounds easy what’s up guys it’s blondie how’s it going we have so got the g-wagen 4×4 squared nice get out of the way check it out I know I’m constantly blocking cars that’s none of my junk sure why you do when you open it whoa check it out honestly you need this thing that’s so cool nice today I don’t know exactly what’s happening but we’re driving from Bern to Geneva but you’ll take you’re in the shot now you happy yep yeah we’re going to Geneva and we’re gonna drive so crazy cars so today we’re gonna go to Geneva and all I know is is that we’re gonna be driving some incredible car that’s what I just have heard whispers of Aston Martin and also of Pagani let’s go let’s go let’s go look at this beautiful weather today beautiful you see that sign I swear had none of the road signs in Switzerland make any sense so hundred with a cross through it actually means you can drive a hundred and goodnight parking place for an electric vehicle and it’s the only parking place that’s gonna fit this car everything else is too small run before anyone sneezes so we are just about to get to Neil where we’re gonna go visit the prestige Motor Group and they have some amazing cars Aston Martin is really at the top of the list that’s what we want to go and see there they’ve got DB eleven I’ve got db5 I’ve got classics and newer cars as well so I suppose we’ll just have to see what they have when we get there and the very question kind of English yeah we’re gonna be driving the vanquish s and the DB 11 are neither of those I’ve driven before so I’m excited about that so that’s our first stop and then we’ve got there’s another stop after that whoa it’s like a smorgasbord of Astin’s a lot a lot a lot amazing that’s pretty sweet so warming what makes it so expensive 19:19 in the world yes cool imagine cruising jumped by highway in one of these this is standard Li and you’d be so James Bond look how tiny it is ID okay so we’ve just been told that the Vanquish s is the best sounding car on the market I said that’s a big statement so he said okay all right there was some weight behind those words choices yes okay let’s go with the vanquishes for now and then also these are big seeds this is something I really like about us and Martin’s between the fact that it is but it’s a key that it’s not a turn for key right but in a lot of other cars you just have to leave the key somewhere and press the start button in this one you should put the key into the car and that’s what started up and I quite like that because it means the key doesn’t get lost in the car somewhere let’s go did you just see that girl on the car on the market that sounds insane I was not expecting I’ve never driven a naturally aspirated v12 I am sorry my joy is on the floor I cannot believe the sound of his bone and it’s instant when you put your foot down miss he’ll never Wow what I am so impressed yes I would say you have completely blown my mind with the sound of this car I had no idea how amazing it feels the difference so they’re both v12 yeah so both c12 this on is naturally aspirated it has just over 600 horsepower and you can hear it though is just incredible so this one has either twin turbo so you’re obviously gonna hear a little bit of a difference in the engine and what horsepower does this one have got this over 600 just so every 600 as well yeah so both have just over 600 okay there’s not much difference when it comes to the horsepower this one you just keep with you so you don’t you don’t put this one in it’s got the start button here and is this one this one isn’t as low as the vanquishes this one’s a bit higher up a bit the vample is made different and yeah the spoiler especially are you so where’s the sports button it’s here so yeah this is for the engine so GT sport and spotless okay and this is for the chassis birds like a Center on see looks-wise I prefer the TV 11 I have to say yeah but the vanquished I am blown away with my just that sound it’s just it puts a permanent smile on your face so we are back in the pool by 4 squared I had such an amazing time driving those cars I was asking Benoit about Rolls Royce cuz I had Rolls Royce there as well I said what’s the age group now of Rolls Royce nearby and he starts come down drastically now they sell to between 15 year olds and 75 year old us at 15 year olds no way they said yeah yeah we just had does some people flow from the Middle East and by their 15 year old son a Rolls Royce I would love to have a lot of money don’t get me wrong but don’t own a Rolls Royce at 15 years old I feel like if there’s no where to go from there how does life get better you need to look forward to something don’t you if you had a Rolls Royce of 15 basically everything is just gonna go downhill from there what are we right just arrived at car got the optimum penis not sure if I said that correctly but this is where we’re going to be looking and that’s right I feel like I need to whisper because that it’s just insane oh my god I’ve only ever seen one Pagani in my whole life and I’m about to go and get in one so we’ve seen the poor GT and the driver so what’s your favorite car xenophobia stopped very first a feminist appreciate what we’re seeing this is insane oh no fee at week work it all oh look how funny Oh well it’s one so it cost about ten thousand and any point forty thousand on top of that okay he’s just showing us a little secret but all the codes gone in that’s when you like cigar they got a so called right you’re a happy boy huh I just said can I Drive he said how does it go for three and half million that will your eyes I don’t know seen if regarding onto my life I’m trying to like not explode I’m exploding from the inside but I just need to keep my little bit now I’m supposed time I’m driving Gani so no one panic how do you turn it on turn the key turn bright quit with the clutch down you don’t need a clutch it’s in neutral neutral okay and then driving honestly that’s quite simple to drive it’s very easy to shift its light one more can I say it’s a Zonda F heading back to burn now I have had the most incredible day it doesn’t get better than this does it I drove the brand new asked mum DB 11 the brand new vanquish s and then to top it all off the Pagani Zonda s just in Monday just in the last few hours thank you so much for watching that is the end of this vlog but we are now driving back to burn from Geneva few more days in Switzerland but I think you know that today was probably the best day on the whole holiday nights it can’t you guys thank you so much please subscribe and like the video and we’ll catch you on my next vlog likely back in Dubai with some more cars and some more things happening there

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