I Drove The Ultra Rare McLaren Speedtail

I Drove The Ultra Rare McLaren Speedtail


I get behind the wheel of the super rare Speedtail, which has just been delivered to Tomini Classics in Dubai! What’s even more special is this is Chassis number 2 of 106 in the world!! This is the most aero drag efficient McLaren ever made… check out all the coolest features it has, including the 3 seat configuration with the driver in the middle. Much love, Alex

a gold tool set a gold tool set in your car what’s up guys stephen kavlondi here in dubai oh my goodness i have something super special for you today right here this is the mclaren speed tell the fastest mclaren ever made and it has some amazing features in here we’re gonna have a bit of a peek at this but just check this out it’s a three seater hyper car so you sit in the middle of the car and guess what guys pretty much a world exclusive here on the supercar vloggy channel the first time we’re getting an up-close look at the speed tail in the wild it’s just been delivered to dubai it’s here at tamini classics so they have it with them and they’re selling it for just under four million dollars what’s even more special is this look at this chassis number you guys it is number two the second speed tail to roll off the production line look guys this car is made for top speeds it is the most aero drag efficient car ever made by mclaren all right so we’re going to talk about what actually reduces the drag but just check out how long this baby is this is over 5 meters 5.2 meters in a car it’s about the same length as like a full-size suv you’ll notice there is no spoiler here on the back however what is super freaking cool you guys is this right here this is actually called rear active ailerons look how this bends so when you’re driving this is constantly moving up and down to balance the car and it acts as an air brake when you have to brake really quickly both of these will go all the way up this car is all about reducing drag right to be able to achieve those top speeds the top speed of this car is over 400 kilometers an hour so first of all you’ve got the extra long tail right then you’ve got these wheel covers here in the front and these are carbon wheel covers and what that does is that also reduces the drag across the front wheel they’ve actually gotten rid of the side mirrors on the car and what they’ve done instead is they put in retractable side cameras when you’re going high speeds these actually retract into the car so that you’ve got a super smooth side wall this paint has a real diamond flecks in it so if you see all of these little sparkly shiny bits that’s all real diamonds isn’t that crazy that is an optional extra of a hundred and thirty thousand dollars what and look in here you’re gonna spot some real gold you’ve got 24 karat gold here on the engine bay do you see that now i’d love to show you that in more detail however i cannot actually open this only mclaren engineers can actually open this to get to the engine so you’ve got gold in here to retract heat and you’ve also got gold here check this out look at all this gold under here surrounding the exhaust pipe which is super cool look how elongated this is so it comes out here and it goes all the way up here and you’ve got the gold here to retract the heat so the gold everywhere costs an additional around 35 000 just for that look at these babies sparkle they are chrome wheels you guys now that is super rare on a hyper car they don’t come standard though they’re usually forged alloy wheels if you want chrome that’s an extra thirteen thousand dollars i’ll open her up this is the key here guys right now what’s cool is you’ve got the one button here but it’s splitting two so you press the back half all right there you go guys and look it’s quite quite deep actually to be fair like that’s a whole that’s a whole arm deep right here so you can keep some good stuff in here maybe not golf clubs but you can bring your tent and a sleeping bag all right so you can go camping with this baby who said you couldn’t alright so that’s what you can fit in the back now around the front come check this out this is even cooler all right maybe you can count how many times i say come check this out guys in this video comment down below how many things i’ve actually pointed to and said come check this out you’ve actually got this cool carbon fiber here that is matte and that’s quite unusual it’s got a matte effect to it and this here the mclaren badge this is actually done in something called tpt it’s the first time tpt has been used on any car ever and that is a special type of carbon fiber it’s like super super thin and it’s layered at an angle so that you get a super cool effect like this right and what you can do now is open up the front there we go and you have got something you will never believe what is in here a gold tool set a gold tool set in your car isn’t that crazy i just have to touch it i’m never going to touch a gold tool probably again ever in my life so this is just like if you break down inside the road you just pull out your gold toolbox show it off wave it around to everyone passing by like you know got my gold toolbox out and fix my own mclaren man whatevs don’t need you so there you go that’s a tool set that you’ll probably never use ever but it’s cool to have in the front right and then you’ve got a bit more space actually you’ve got luggage look at this you can actually get customized luggage look at this no way look at that carbon fiber mclaren branded luggage that is beautiful wow let’s see if there’s like cash inside here oh my god you guys look it has little cars all throughout oh this is the fanciest luggage ever wow look at the stitching of the car and it’s all in the same color as your interior makes a cool little space noise as well and then you have look how new it is guys covers everywhere covers all over the dash over the steering wheel over the seats they’ve actually left it like this so that i can be the first one to reveal it to you guys how amazing all right so let’s take this out sergi’s here on standby and look this reveals your two side seats either side of the driver i’m just going to leave this on to keep it protected but i want to show you here this is in dark blue the driver’s seat and the passenger seats are in light blue and so you can get four different interior options you guys of colors i can’t believe i’m actually unpacking a speed tail you guys that’s crazy thanks serge look at this look at this all right i’m gonna get in so i can show you stuff just kind of slide your way over the passenger seat and into the driver’s seat here in the middle how ridiculous is that so as you can tell this is kind of paying homage to the legendary iconic mclaren f1 where you also sit dead bang in the middle of the car and then you’ve got these little jump seats to either side i’m not going to pull off any of the plastic because that’s reserved for the owner whoever has this beautiful car and also want to leave this on just so that everything is kept into pristine condition what i will do though is remove this oh yeah oh i don’t even want to touch it it’s so new okay so that’s four million dollars right there okay all right now what is super cool inside you guys is all of these panels here above you so everything wraps around the driver here and how you start it is there there’s the start stop engine button you open your door with this right here and you open your windows here what i’m going to show you is this button as well guys this has velocity stamped on it all right starting up the speed tail for the first time ever speed tail lights up here there we go it is on and look look over here that is actually your view from those cool retractable um cameras on the side and that actually gives you a much better view than a normal mirror would and you have it on this side as well now these are actually touchscreen which is super cool i’m going to turn the fan down a tiny bit so that’s both these screens are touch screen and then you’ve got your main dash here which is obviously going to show you you know your speed etc and your revs look at this a little plate that tells you it’s number two of the production line of 106 in the world so this is actually a hybrid it has a twin turbo v8 and that produces around 750 horsepower but it also has an electric motor and that electric motor produces over 300 horsepower from one motor which is insane so overall you’re driving a car with around 1060 horsepower all right we’re gonna join you now okay i feel so powerful opening up everyone’s doors from the center wow look at this how’s it feel it’s great do you fit okay yeah actually i do yeah hey serge hey what’s going on hey how are you going that’s so weird all right now look at this i’m going to close both doors at the same time how wicked is that that is awesome now you put it in drive mode up here above you which is so cool and then you can actually drive it in manual with the gear shift paddles or in auto i’ve got it in auto at the moment ah seat belts on please otherwise it’s going to keep beeping now obviously i would love to test the top speed which is over 400 kilometers an hour but let’s be real guys this is not my car and i’m so lucky just to be able to get in the driver’s seat and drive it around here so maybe one day i will get the opportunity to test this baby at the track but for now we’re just feeling her out here oh man this is actually electromagnetic glass here so you don’t need a sun visor so that actually gets darker there on the glass itself the other thing is the electric uh motor right it recharges itself when you drive but if you don’t have the car running for like seven days or more it has a wireless charger that can be installed there you go guys a massive thanks to tamini classics for giving me this incredible experience to drive a speed tail oh my goodness all right guys i hope you enjoyed the video give us a quick thumbs up and subscribe to the supercar blondie family if you haven’t yet i love you guys so bye

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