I got a new Ford GT allocation!

I got a new Ford GT allocation!


I got to take a spin in the Ford GT! This is one of my favourite cars. The demand for it is so high that they decided to make more units but it’s still super exclusive. Check out all its cool features! Thanks for watching guys! Much love, Alex xoSpecial thanks to – Follow me on:

what’s up guys it’s super Gandia I’m here in one of my favorite ever hypercars oh my god I want to show you what makes this car is so special I’ve got my hands on this car thanks to exotic motors here in the UAE it’s not the easy it’s part of get in and out of Luke Harper and annuities it has all of the plastic still on here in the steering wheel and look at this beautiful speck black on black with all of these carbon fiber here all on the door panel as well gorgeous you can’t go wrong with black on black okay now let me tell you why this is one of my favorite hypercars and what makes this so special this is the brand-new for GT what makes this car so incredibly unusual is that you have to apply to own one of these cars now even if you had all of the money in the world you still cannot just go and buy one of these cars Ford Motors has to give you that allocation so when it first came out in 2017 it costs around $500,000 and you want to purchase one from the second-hand market it would cost you about a million dollars or more and this is a Ford you guys afford how crazy is that I just have to say this is one of my favorite looking hyper cars I absolutely love it like I love cars that make people think when they see this coming they’re like what is that and no one would ever really guess afford unless you really know your car’s right when you see a Lamborghini drive by you like yeah that’s a Lamborghini Ferrari but drive by pretty much you’re gonna guess it’s a Ferrari you can’t really know unless you know your supercars and that’s what I really we loved about this and just look at the design you guys I have to show you the doors up straight away that’s right here that kind of clicks open and then you pull up there you go and over this massive sill you slide so that’s quite wide so that’s not the easiest entrance but who cares it looks amazing so whatever I actually applied to buy one of these cars they ask you what previous Ford’s you’ve owned what your racing history is what your social media presence is and what your public profile is I mean they don’t want to just give this car to someone and then have their image taint the brand of the car right so they want to make sure they’re giving it to people who are going to represent Ford in a very very good manner I actually got offered an allocation for this car when it was coming out like the second batch coming out and back then I couldn’t afford it I’d kind of bent on paying about five hundred thousand for it and even that was like a stretch I was like I really really want it can I put aside the money but then when the second batch came out it was even more expensive so I was like oh my heart was being ripped out so I had to say no I had to turn down an allocation it’s super cool wing so this wing actually comes out at high speeds and there’s not a button just to push it down again what has to happen is you have to drive it slowly for a period of time and then it will just come down on its own around the back here this is just my favorite view of this if you just stand around here to me and I think maybe I’m the only person that sees this it looks like a dragon’s nose I don’t know if that’s just what it reminds me of like these things yeah I don’t know if you see that do you the other cool thing is the air also flows from this air intake yeah through and you won’t have seen this before through the back headlights look at that that I have never seen before this is the key looks just a normal like Ford key GT written on it and then to open this back part you just press here twice and you can see the massive trunk space were working with look at this isn’t that ridiculous you literally can’t fit anything in there alright there you go that is the smallest trunk I’ve ever seen on a supercar or a hyper car and then you can see up here that’s what we’re working with this is a 3.5 liter twin turbo v6 and it pumps out 647 horsepower the new ones that have just come out in 2020 have about 13 horsepower more so that goes up to about six six seawalls power right let’s close her up and you know what guys it is currently about 45 degrees here in Dubai and I stupidly have one a long gray t-shirt so after run upstairs and change my t-shirt so we can keep this video going okay don’t ever wear grey in 45-degree feet okay great alright I’ll catch you guys on the same okay new shirt new me okay let’s keep going I’ve got some cool stuff to show you this is where it gets really cool the buttons and the features alright let’s close these doors first things first this is pretty cool massive thank you to my friends at exotic cars here in Dubai this car is actually for sale through them if you press lock here on the key it actually shows you here on the digital screen if it’s locked unlock and lock the other cool thing that I’ve never noticed on a car before is the side mirrors are asymmetric so you see the distance here between this mirror and nice mirror I’ve got my exact measuring tape either notice the distance is only gifts now if you slide in here and let’s take this rocker this seat is actually locked in position you cannot move it forward instead what you do there’s a little fabric pull cord here if you pull this the pedals actually move towards you see there you go I’m still a little bit too far back here but what I can do is I can move this seat just the back part of it towards just a bit that’s granny style right there okay there we go yes perfect do not touch display panel during installation to be removed by the customer that’s a moment isn’t it once you get this car used and you peel that off and you throw it to the wind then you take off in the sunset that’s what I do and then obvious I’d go back pick it up off the ground and put it in the bin all you need to do is press the stop button it’s that easy on the brake end people is on as well it’s very simple to use in order to go into drive you just switch this around to D the crawlers button on this far is right here in supercars it usually takes maybe like five to ten seconds to raise the front this one literally those boom boom it actually raises both the front and the back currently it’s in sports mode if you just pull this around it goes into track mode and when you put it in track mode it automatically drops the car so it’s ready to go onto the track [Laughter] all right seat belt on first gear parking brake off let’s go Oh sounds amazing cars made for the track but I could easily drive this on the daily Oh zero to 100 in the three and point two seconds you guys and a top speed of two hundred and forty eight kilometers an hour oh my god is it worth $800,000 look there are a lot of other really nice cars you can get for $800,000 I mean even to get like a 488 pista Ferrari is like three hundred and thirty thousand dollars so you could get three Ferrari pistas or this car right here that’s a hard call I do love this guy love it love it love it it’s so exclusive okay the reason why the price keeps going up and up is because they’re only ever making 1350 of these they originally wanted to make a thousand of them but there was so much demand that they thought right we can’t let down to many more people so let’s add another 350 unit make up your own mind whether or not you think it’s worth the price tag it is afford after all however I think that actually makes it more special because you have a Ford hyper car you just like say oh what car do you have I have Ford Iacocca whatever I fought for yesterday yet no the Ford GT with 640 horsepower and this and that go stare at one hundred and three point two seconds looks like freaking dragon and then just like your mind is like wow Copley Ford makes this this is just amazing alright thanks for watching give us a quick thumbs up join the supercar blondie family and much love as always to my fam who have already joined me bye guys

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