what’s up belle what’s up what’s up guys supercar blondie here with nathan my brother-in-law and today we’ve got something different we are going to prank sergey sergey you guys know him he’s part of the team he’s gotten a bit big for his boots hasn’t he car wars yeah he’s inflated his ego just a little bit his head is like exploding car walls is kind of taking off that’s our new youtube channel you can go check that out link to that is in the description below so he’s like guys it’s all about car wars now like i don’t have any interest in any other videos so today we need to bring him back down just a notch or two all right so what we’ve got is a pair of legs we have a couch looks like an ordinary couch looks like that nathan has cut a hole in this couch very skillfully look at this how it’s all taped up a lot of firsts in this job uh cutting holes in couches included i came down the other day yeah i was like nathan can you believe that this is your job he’s like what happened to me i used to have a real job trying to explain this to my training mates yeah so today i made some legs some fake legs brilliant okay so we’ve got this couch that’s been modified yes some fake legs and over here we have a rope nathan is a skilled uh tradie so you’ve done a knot here what’s this just the slide knot the slide knife okay so this is going to go you can kind of loosen that and tighten that yes all right okay so and then we have of course my mclaren all right so this is going to get a feature as well so what we’re telling sergi is that nathan is sitting on this couch and i’m actually going to pull nathan by the legs with the couch and we’re going to go and slide along the road with him sitting on the couch like this with the mclaren and i bet you when sergey rocks i’d be like cool i do i love it and like not another thought will go through is that because honestly like it’s a ridiculous idea and most people would question the idea but he won’t i don’t think he’s the perfect person for this prank we’ve got to kind of hurry before he sees any of these otherwise it’s ruined now oh yeah we’ve got to put this here so we’ve got to put some cushions down here guys uh just so nathan can pop his arms and yeah props me up a bit so i look realer yeah oh yeah and then wiggle back like that no and then we need to like pull your legs apart because you wouldn’t sleep like a girl so like that yeah yeah yeah that’s good that’s good how in the world did you make these uh so it’s a timber frame which i measured off my own legs and then i got styrofoam and then i just basically kept wrapping it around the timber and checking using my hands wow and it’s actually like you actually measured the like the width of your legs and it looks dodgy under there but it’s basically the same size as my actual legs so that is so cool oh this is really good today yeah it’s freaking hot like why would you attach a rope to your legs and think that the whole couch would move with a rope attached to your legs it just wouldn’t happen but i don’t think sergi’s gonna question it like cool what would really happen in real life is your you would just literally slide off and just i wouldn’t be able to hold on i’d just get dragged but in this show what’s actually going to happen is nathan’s body is going to detach it’s going to be pulled apart in two pieces his legs are going to go flying he’s about to come he’s about to fall oh yeah that’s good all right okay let’s just do it yeah all right you ready yep okay let’s do this you ready ready ready search so we’re doing a test here okay we set up nathan okay on the couch okay attached to mclaren what you’re gonna have to do is you’re gonna sit with him on the couch okay and we’re gonna pull him on the couch okay with you so just stay there stay there stay there he’s gonna die say that oh got it got it out [Laughter] oh my god [Laughter] wow i i had no idea what’s going on i could see the wrap around the ankles and i was like he’s gonna die he’s literally gonna die but you didn’t want to say anything right just let him die it’s cool like we’ll just see what happens i guess they know what they’re doing like there must be some sort of chicken involved oh my god they look completely how long did it take you to make these uh half a day no they look real i mean they they even look they have the shape of like the cats and everything yeah i rolled them off my own legs but i just saw this and i was like he’s gonna die [Laughter] there you go guys i hope you enjoyed our prank on sergi he needed to come down a few notches have a bit of a laugh at himself if you really enjoyed that you’re going to love car wars car which is so much fun it’s the moment she always spams super car blondie on car wars so it’s time subscribe to car wars it’s the best show on the internet besides mine obviously so go check it out guys we have so much fun it’s uploaded every wednesday it’s a whole new youtube channel and thanks to everyone involved nathan you did an awesome job sergey great props and the girls over there as well you guys saw what happened but they were in on it look and this is my little baby i just adopted her she’s a six-year-old little long-haired chihuahua and she’s my third baby so welcome here to the supercar blondie family hi baby all right love you guys we’re out you

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