I sat on a bench, and went: Ford showed a new type of urban transport

I sat on a bench, and went: Ford showed a new type of urban transport


Ford unveiled the winners of its Smart Mobility Challenge – two design students from the UK who figured out how to solve the problem of lack of space in densely populated cities. Corentin Janelle and Guillaume Innocenti presented the TOD project, or Talk or Drive. This is a riding bench, the functions of which are clear from its name: you can ride on it or relax while talking. The Ford Fund will allocate 14,600 euros for the project.

As noted by Ford, the project not only plays on the popularity of scooters, scooters and other similar vehicles, but also takes into account the growing demand for outdoor furniture in metropolitan areas. TOD benches will perfectly fit into the urban environment and will push residents to more frequent communication, says Amko Linarts, Design Director of Ford of Europe.

TOD has two modes – static and mobile. In the first case, the device serves as a bench, but not quite ordinary: it can be expanded so that there is enough space on it for three, as well as connected with other TODs and turned into a picnic table.

In mobile mode, TOD becomes a scooter for two passengers – you can travel on it at a speed of no more than 20 kilometers per hour. In the center there is a small compartment for transporting things, and elastic holders for long items are provided on the sides and back. Also, TOD owners will be able to share their devices using the smartphone app.

When Janelle and Innocenti will build the first prototype is still unknown. In addition to the grant to the winners, Ford Fund will provide another 71,780 euros to other participants from Germany, Spain and the UK.

In May, the Stellantis Alliance showed the work of schoolchildren whose task was to portray the Jeep of the future with an electric power plant. The winner was a Jeep called the Grand Teton, with its signature grille redesigned in a futuristic vein and a convex hexagonal window at the rear.

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