I want to like McLaren: strange tuning Porsche 911

I want to like McLaren: strange tuning Porsche 911


Salon coupe Porsche 911 Carrera S, released in 2008, was to redraw the first owner, resulting in the landing formula 2+2 turned into 1+2. Now the car is in excellent condition with mileage of 33 miles 253 (53 516 km) and put up for auction on Bring a Trailer.

The car is in USA, and it was here that he had an unusual operation on the redrawing of salon work was done tuning Studio Trinity Motorsports Group of Lima, Ohio. The first owner of this coupe, probably haunted the layout of the iconic McLaren F1, by British designer Gordon Murray, and he decided to reproduce it in a Porsche 911.


The conversion turned out very neat. The front panel carefully sawed and fashioned of its components are new, with the case of CFRP. Accordingly, the centre was shifted not only the wheel and pedals, and the former Central console together with lever 6-speed manual gearbox and handbrake are now located near the left door. Racing Cobra bucket custom original slide and mount a 5 point harness.

The unique modification is called the Centro 911. Technical stuffing remained virtually untouched: coupe equipped with the stock 3.8-liter atmospheric opposition issuing a maximum of 355 HP But the intake system of a low-resistance Evolution Motorsports V-Flow and lightweight titanium exhaust system allow to hope for a small boost in power. Additional equipment includes an aerodynamic body kit with a developed rear wing and led taillights.

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In a new way, to rework the car was worth 110 055 dollars. When run in 53 516 km and the four former owners sports car was lucky to avoid accidents, and overall condition is very decent. That’s just a lot now for the unique car do not give: at the time of our last publication, the rate was 22 $ 300, bidding will end on March 31.


It is clear that the interest of the Centro 911 is only for car lovers from the US, where specific legislation allows you to drive on public roads on a very strange machine, for example on an old pickup truck with a deployed 180 degrees facilities. But the point is probably not only that, but the fact that it is, in fact, homemade. If the same made in a single copy at the Porsche factory, it would be worth it under a million, and without it, Centro 911 great collector’s value is not, although to ride this, I might be interested.

By the way, fans of Central can recommend planting a new creation from the aforementioned British designer – supercar Gordon Murray T. 50 with a giant fan at the rear, creating ground-effect. This will surely be a worthy exhibit even the most sophisticated auto collections.

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