Iconic camper VW T2 which can be assembled without getting out of bed

Iconic camper VW T2 which can be assembled without getting out of bed


A new set has been added to the Lego Creator Expert series, from which you can assemble the legendary Volkswagen T2 minibus. Interestingly, the manufacturer chose the camping version.

The construction set consists of 2207 parts, and it is not so easy to assemble it, therefore there is a +18 sign on the package. The dimensions of the mobile home are as follows: height – 15 cm, length – 35 cm, width – 14 cm. The living module has everything you need for long journeys in comfort, namely a detailed kitchen with stove, sink and other accessories, as well as furniture.

Also in the arsenal is a functioning steering, a sliding side door, a lifting hood and wheels with “tires”. The roof, like a real rear-wheel drive minibus, folds back.

The developer also added additional equipment – beach chairs, a surfboard and special stickers for the body. The new set will go on sale in the US on August 1 and will retail for $ 180.

We recently talked about another Lego project – a full-size replica of the Lamborghini Sian FKP 37 made of 400,000 Technic elements. The model follows the design and silhouette of the Italian supercar exactly, in addition, such intricate components as the hexagonal taillights and exhaust pipes are embodied in detail. It took 8,660 hours to develop and build.

We also advise you to watch a detailed review of VW Multivan 6.1 from the FineAuto team:

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