ID.3, as the first VW to 85% of the buyers

ID.3, as the first VW to 85% of the buyers


Market the debut of the Volkswagen ID.3 was a manufacturer problem for a number of reasons: a normal run and prevent bugs in a fundamentally new product, and pandemic COVID-19. However, at least one from the group of tasks the model is already decided – were able to attract new customers.

As reported by the Financial Times with reference to the Director of VW sales jürgen Stackman, only 15% of Europeans booking ID.3, previously owned cars of this brand. While buyers of electric cars was also 10 years younger than owners of petrol and diesel “Volkswagens”, whose average age is 58 years – that is, the audience of the brand is growing in several directions.

Most buyers VW ID.3 – men with higher technical education who live in cities and suburbs, but not in the Outback. As a rule, in their family already has one car.


However, actual delivery of electropathy still not started: they were supposed to build this summer but now postponed until October. And the sales don’t look particularly impressive even with the coronavirus in Europe was able to realize 37 million units. For understanding, 15 thousand of them were przekazane just a week after the opening of applications in may last year – even before the official premiere.

Volkswagen ID.3 is equipped with a 204-horsepower electric motor on the rear axle and one of the three batteries to choose from – by 45, 58 and 77 kilowatt-hours. Currently available only “average” option with a cruising range of 420 km on the cycle WLTP – in Germany, he asked for a little less than 39 million euros.

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