If you want to go, pay: Toyota will demand money for each engine start

If you want to go, pay: Toyota will demand money for each engine start


Many modern cars are equipped with a remote engine start function from a key fob. Toyota recently made this feature payable in its cars.

This is reported by RBC-Ukraine Auto with reference to The Drive.

The company confirmed that remote launch really only works with a paid subscription. All Toyota models equipped with the Audio Plus information system have only three years of free access to the remote engine start function from the factory. Cars with Premium Audio can enjoy the remote start function free of charge for up to 10 years. After prepaid factory periods have expired, owners will have to pay $ 8 per month, or $ 80 per year, to keep the remote start up.

To turn on the engine through the key fob, the owner just needs to press the lock button twice, and then press it a third time, this time, holding it for 3 seconds. After a few seconds, the engine will automatically start.

Toyota also offers several other ways to start the engine remotely. Vehicles equipped with Remote Connect can start and stop the engine via the Toyota Android or Apple app.

The innovation will not affect Ukrainian buyers and Toyota owners, because in our market the Audio Plus system and remote engine start with its help are not offered.

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