If you wanted Yaris, we got the Corolla!

If you wanted Yaris, we got the Corolla!


The updated version of the hatchback was hinted at a month ago with the help of a photo of the current model of the American region.

It was not possible to solve the riddle right away, but only a month after the publication and with the submission of people from the GR Corolla forum. At a quick glance at the photo, it is difficult to notice something unusual. The interior of the car looks standard, but nevertheless community members were able to notice in it hints of the announcement of a new version.

Looking at the electronic tidy, the inscription G: 16 is noticeable in the place where the clock should have been. The lettering indicates the turbocharged 3-cylinder G16E-GTS engine. This unit (1.6 liters) is equipped with the GR Yaris hot hatch. The Japanese version of this car develops 272 horsepower (370 Nm).

If you look at the snapshot in more detail, you can even find the estimated capacity of the new version. On the climate control panel, the number 2 is indicated along with the number 68, which can mean 268 forces. There is no information about the transmission yet, but the teaser shows the current model with an automatic transmission. A glance at the navigation system gives hints about the drive system: GR Four street is indicated on it. This is exactly the name Toyota uses for the GR Yaris all-wheel drive systems.

The last find so far found can be considered a crumbled hatchback in camouflage film. It is likely that this is the new modified Corolla. Perhaps, by analogy with the Yaris, the updated version will be called the GR Corolla. According to some reports, the new product may be presented closer to the end of next year.

We also advise you to watch a detailed test drive of the Toyota Yaris Cross 2021 from the FineAuto team:

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