Ignore roadside advertising? Nothing, Ford will fix it!

Ignore roadside advertising? Nothing, Ford will fix it!


Many makes and models are equipped with technology to read road signs, including speed limits, which provide useful information to the driver. However, a new Ford patent hints at potential future uses of this technology in advertising.

Roads all over the world are littered with unattractive billboards that many of us ignore on our daily commute, but new Ford technology will make sure we don’t miss them again. The system works by scanning billboards, interpreting the information on the sign and displaying the most useful information directly on the display in the car.

For now, this is just a patent pending and may never be implemented, but it’s not hard to see how this could be useful for automakers and advertisers. Ford said the technology could display an advertiser’s products or services, a route to a store, or a phone number.

This could force advertisers to pay Ford to access its fleet of vehicles equipped with a billboard scanner, which will boost the company’s revenue.

We reached out to Ford for comment on the technology, the company replied that Ford is filing “patents for new inventions as normal business practice, but they do not necessarily indicate new business plans or product plans.” It is unlikely that this technology will appear in new Fords, but as automakers explore the new products and services they need to differentiate themselves from a competitive crowd, something like this could be an important selling point for some buyers.

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