I’m on Top Gear with The Stig

I’m on Top Gear with The Stig


We’re filming an episode for BBC’s France in Dubai where we race the McLaren SLR against a 1600HP Dune Buggy with the Stig! The Episode will appear in December 2019 on TV. @topgearfr ; @le_tone ; @brucejouannySpecial thanks to @vipmotorsuaeFollow me on:Music by:Leviathan by Dhruv GoelLove Generation by KolektivoOh La La – DyallaWinners and Losers – Black Box

sexy what’s up guys supercar blondie in the middle of dubai in the desert because we’ve got something super awesome planned for today take a look behind me just came back from l.a last night i’m struggling big time struggle street with the jet lag so we’ve got to push through today i’ve been up since 2 a.m this is the mercedes slr mclaren and a couple thousand of these were made when translated from german to english actually stands for sporty lightweight and made for racing it’s a supercharged v8 with around 620 horsepower this particular car was made in 2008 look at this how the door opens here that’s pretty cool isn’t it do you know the stick hi oh yeah stick’s gonna come with me of course oh my god that’s cool so we’re having a bit of a showdown between this car and that sand beast over there and stig’s gonna give me some tips on the way even though this car has a really long nose they’ve actually placed the engine behind the front wheels so it’s placed there for better balance looking very impressed take a look at where the start button is flick this up kind of like a jet engine this is pretty cool this has a air brake the wing acts as an air brake basically so it comes up like this all right the other cool thing quirky thing i should say is look what’s in here a knock anakia and 11 years later it’s still in perfect working honor stink who should we call it’s your mum say hi okay we’re gonna go race stick’s giving me all these best driving tips none okay this is what it sounds like off we go you can see i can’t even close the door there you go i’ll get the door for you look he’s so cool calm and collected yeah i think he had a great conversation he gave me a thumbs up at the end i know i don’t think he’s allowed to do that must be very impressed did he really give you a thumbs up thumbs up wow i know he’s hey uh oh i didn’t introduce you sorry ton like tone in english kind of tone yeah yeah and bruce like bruce basically yeah you deserve it i get that apart from the moment that it’s time to drive and try to perform with your car that’s when he disappeared no i can’t break scar he can break us oh perfect break yeah he breaks the middle yeah but you use a lot i oh brilliant they are the fantastic hosts of top gear hot host hot host that’s what i was meant to say obviously yeah hot hosts of bbc top gear france and they’ve flown over to dubai to do one of their episodes here and we’re stuck in the desert yeah we’re still we were stuck in the desert but you’re going to help us yeah we’re going to help you out yeah yeah that’s what we’re here for so you guys actually skydived into the scene in the middle of the desert right yeah yeah that’s a bit strange we are both very funny we’re very funny no we’re funny when we’re together yeah i’m by myself i feel a little bit lonely we’re actually very good friends in real life yeah that’s good and he’s really well known for fancy clothes fancy clothes yeah today he’s really neutral you see he’s delivered you wouldn’t have guessed that would you no no no honestly today is like really like it’s like super super casual tone is a little bit too seriously maybe you can give me a few tips because i’m just wearing black all the time you’re perfect i don’t change anything i try to advise you a french man told me my fashion is perfect you know it doesn’t get better than that you know they have style and finesse these frenchmen we do you know yeah but why do they let bruce like this on the show because he’s blind what do you mean he got dressed in the dark what does he mean by why am i dressed like that actually um do you know the the the hair on the legs might slow you down a little bit you know yeah it’s not very aerodynamic on the bicycle it’s too airy no all right you know yeah it’s true but i’ve stopped bikes a while ago now i’m dressed up like a guy that’s just walking through the desert and i’m a bit of the adventure guy yeah that’s why so stick your helmet is like he’s always very impressed he’s having the time of his life under that helmet yeah that’s it so we got how crazy was that day please give us a quick thumbs up hit that thumbs up button subscribe to my channel and we’ll see you on the next vid somewhere around the world still nothing i’m out love you foreign

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