I’m shopping for a supercar in Dubai!

I’m shopping for a supercar in Dubai!


So excited for this guys! Now that I’m not traveling, I can have a bit of fun shopping for cars! I’m absolutely loving my Rolls but I’d also like a supercar! Come with me to see what my options are! What should I get??Thanks for watching xo, AlexShowroom: Follow me on:

look at this this is what you get into buying this or at VIP motors look at this this choice who’s just sent up on him that’s a really nice guy this is exciting you guys I’ve decided to buy another car got my rolls and never had a reason to buy more than one car before now because I was always traveling now I’m here in Dubai all the time I’ve decided to get a supercar as well she’s like oh my god once you comment you think you’ve got your mind made up and then you come in here and you’re like it’s true you guys look just a semi just there like someone walking tomorrow and be like yep there you go boom I want to set up p1 if I could get a p1 it’d be exactly like this exposed carbon fibre this exposed carbon fibre is everything couple of the gardenias this is a 720s McLaren 720’s so we are going to test drive this baby today 710 doors power twin turbo v8 0 to 100 in under 3 seconds the 720s new is about three hundred thousand US dollars the Ferrari P star is around three hundred and thirteen US dollars so the pista is slightly more expensive than the 720 s this is another option the gt2 RS and again very similar specs 700 horsepower and just under 3 seconds 0 to 100 so it’s quite cool here with the gills here on the side the carbon private wheels also it’s around the same price new so we’ve got the 720 we’ve got the Ferrari a pista and we’ve got the gt2 RS they’re all kind of in the same league it just really depends on what you like better like what do you like the look of more and what do you like the feel of more to drive I love wash our own two Porsches only Boxster’s but still have absolutely loved them my issue is when you go into this kind of price League I want it to look more like a super card than this does to me Porsche is all kind of the same shape I know a lot of Porsche lovers would be like no you’re crazy they look totally different to me not really this one has a massive wing on the back also something I have an issue with I’m not a massive fan of like big wings I don’t know what it is about it it’s doesn’t feel right to me so although I love the feel of driving a Porsche I’m not sure if these cars but it’s super audience a super race come on you know you’ve got the roll cage here in the back that smells and you also very cool but now I’ve got the rolls I have no need for like a G wagons where look at all these roses all such different color combos yes here it is so I can get this one this is actually beautiful love the look at this car love the sound of this car I love the design my issue with Ferraris is it doesn’t really stick to the ground it kind of plays around and I know that’s why a lot of people love Ferraris for me I’d rather get something that like sticks to the road so you slam your foot down and you’re not worried about the back end kind of like spinning out and playing around this would be an incredible car as well so what do you reckon look at its pecking here in this gorgeous yellow and black I love that yeah this is just incredible you get to look straight into the engine this is so massive this window you rarely rarely get to see that much of an engine in a car that’s really special well alright here we are this is brand new 720s it’s got zero kilometers on the clock 2018 we’re gonna actually take this baby out for a test drive keep the mileage super super low um just to be able to feel if this is the one I have to say the side profile of this car this shape here kind of reminds me of when you get ice cream out of like a little vending machine and it kind of swirls on top of the cone that’s what this reminds me on I know that’s a little bit weird what I also love is of course the doors how a McLaren doors go up I mean how can you not be impressed by a door like this and look how it just opens up here on the top as well that’s really cool so this makes it so much easier to get in because the door opens half of the roof at the same time this is brand brand-new let me smell it let’s do the smell yeah this is beautiful so this is Alcantara this isn’t it’s a soft soft kind of feel the whole interior okay Dhara I’ve actually never seen that before that’s quite special and then a bit of carbon fiber here in the middle and up here as well this interior isn’t my favorite color I prefer lighter interiors but because it’s all in one color it gives me a lot more choice for the exterior color so because this is all kind of gray it’s like a charcoal it means I couldn’t like go crazy with the exterior wrap because it’ll keep it’ll always match the interior whatever colour I get on the outside I can match the stitching here to the outside I can get all of this stitch I can get extra panels put in here of color whatever I want really I’ve got an amazing partner in the UAE who will do all of that who actually did Lucy so yeah alright I think first things first we’re going to test how easy is to get in and also look I’ve just noticed this room here in the back perfect for my bag that’s your boot space need to do a little bit of shopping look how wide of an angle this is to get into this car all right general no he start stop just this simple okay it has a little pouch here for the key I think so it’s gonna live there I think another thing I love is the lights when you open it off but flashes isn’t that pretty special right that’s an impressive car it’s very impressive I was a fee before I got here about now I’m like would be very nice type next to the rolls there are lots of things I love about this car and one of the things is the speed it’s and it handles corners amazingly as MacLaren’s do alright so we’re just gonna take what do you reckon dick ass you’re in this too should have joined the supercar blondie fam yeah it’s a man thing out of all of the cars that we looked at today this is my top pick I think I would want to put on a different exhaust just to make it sound a little bit more extreme because yeah I’m not I’m not a massive fan of how like quiet it is in the cabin like I wanna hear the roar I don’t want to push it yeah too much cuz it’s literally got no miles on the clock so maybe we should take out another seven 20s it’s got some miles and I just so I can push it and feel it because while I love this I really actually want to experience what is the best part of a 720 s which is the 0 to 100 2.9 seconds it’s crazy extreme fast just gonna lift the front and you know the McLaren ah this is it I think you just press that up too nice no you push this in and then press it up see it’s not it’s not very intuitive that’s the only thing a lot of other cars you just literally press a button and it says oh he just went like this like nice ok that’s good that’s it that’s the tick of approval I think when we got the thumbs up these guys have also come to buy something lockdown is just lifted so everyone’s come out to buy cars it’s kind of a Dubai thing so you can see oh my god that’s so low I can’t see over the duck okay about there is right and then how do I put them up again remember oh it’s manual you’re kidding me look I think this is a good position I forgot about that all right no worries that’s okay you can do with that and the other thing that is annoying though is you can’t flick these two paddles back to put it into neutral that’s a really handy thing to have that’s what the hurricane does for example you flick both back you’re in neutral give it a quick Rev pop it back into first and off you go you have to press this button here which is a little bit annoying because you want to keep your eyes on the road and this is the drive select and then to put it in manual it’s like you’ve got to remember to first push active and then manual or automatic so there’s lots of little buttons that you have to get used to a cool thing is look what happens to this screen for the in track it kind of talks away into the front and now you can just see a very small screen here so that you can have more attention on the track in front of you and you just get the very basic essentials here in front right is this it like I’ve got to make a decision it’s kind of scary I’ve never bought this many cars before in a one month window it’s um it’s I feel very nervous about it actually it’s like a position I’ve never been in in my life when I first got to Dubai I was actually driving a Chevrolet Spark with no air conditioning and you know and so I don’t take any of this for granted this is really such an incredible thing to even be considering buying a 720 s and I know I’m kind of being very picky here going I this is not exactly the way I like it all this and that but that’s because this is a big decision and I want to make sure that I get the right the right car and yeah this might be it what do you think let me know in the comments section should I buy the 720 s because this baby might be gone tomorrow you never know these are gonna just fly out of the showroom here in Dubai so I make a decision very very quickly let me know alright guys thanks for watching love y’all join the supercar Pondy family if you haven’t yet got so much more to come and yeah give the video a quick thumbs up and we’ll see you on the next week bye

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