Images of KIA Sorento pickup truck based on Hyundai Santa Cruz

Images of KIA Sorento pickup truck based on Hyundai Santa Cruz


A KIA pickup isn’t coming soon, but that hasn’t stopped the designer, who unveiled what a pickup from the South Korean automaker might look like.

The images show the pickup is based on the new Hyundai Santa Cruz with front and rear elements from the KIA Sorento. The Korean automaker previously admitted that if it produced a pickup, it could compete with the Toyota Hilux, Ford Ranger and Mitsubishi Triton, which means it should not be based on current SUV models such as the Sorento or Santa Cruz built on the Tucson platform. However, the pickup shown in the renders certainly has a lot in common with the latter.

The front of the truck is almost identical to the Sorento, which is not a bad thing as it includes sharp headlights with LED daytime running lights and a tinted radiator grille. Black accents continue on the lower grille and other details. The overall shape of the KIA pickup from KDesign AG is the same as that of the Hyundai Santa Cruz, and therefore the pickup has the same black wheel arches and roof rails. However, the rear has received taillights from the Sorento, which actually fit quite well into the overall shape of the truck.

While KIA recently acknowledged that pickup is not one of its priorities, it is suspected that the company will closely monitor Hyundai Santa Cruz sales to determine if it can sell the pickup in the quantity necessary to make it economically viable. p>

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