Images of the Peugeot 605 Presence Luxury Electric Sedan

Images of the Peugeot 605 Presence Luxury Electric Sedan


An Italian designer showed what a Peugeot electric car might look like. Such a model would fit perfectly into the lineup of the French automaker.

Created by Italian designer Carlos MM, the 605 Presence was engineered on a platform that houses a 100 kWh lithium-ion battery and electric motors that drive the front and rear wheels. It looks a bit larger than the current 508 sedan and, despite its rather radical design, is still recognizable as a Peugeot.

The front of the vehicle is immediately distinguished by bright LED headlights with prominent daytime running lights and a small radiator grille. The electric vehicle also features an angular bumper and relatively short front overhang.

Great design continues to the sides of the car with aerodynamic wheels and a small screen charger that acts as a personal assistant. The 605 Presence has small cameras rather than traditional side mirrors. It also lacks door handles and no visible B-pillars for a very clean and airy design. The car also has a panoramic glass roof.

As for the rear of the Peugeot 605 Presence, it features simple yet aggressive LED taillights and an intriguing bumper that gives the car a very muscular look.

The futuristic interior has also been designed for the car, which includes a holographic digital instrument cluster and a holographic infotainment screen that protrudes above the dashboard.

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