IMZ is preparing a modernized wheelchair “Ural”

IMZ is preparing a modernized wheelchair “Ural”


At the Irbit motor plant will soon be a new modification of the classic “boxer” saidcar.

Judging by the three-dimensional renderam and “spy” photos, the future of urban tricycle models cT (name plays on the English word city) will be built on a seriously modified “sovnarkhozes” platform, rooted as much in the 1970-ies, when stood up on the conveyor of “Ural” M-67.


Differences – traditionally in the details. So the rear wing will be dandy fixed to the pendulum, in this connection, the rear subframe will be rounded and will take a more aesthetic appearance, a single saddle will receive a “katerny” profile. For the sake of conformity to the selected style windshield side of the trailer is twice reduced in size. But the main thing – there is an assumption that “Ural” will get a fuel injected engine was increased to 850 cm3 volume.

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