In Australia, caught fire 13-ton battery Tesla Megapack

In Australia, caught fire 13-ton battery Tesla Megapack


A fire broke out on a huge energy storage facility under construction near Melbourne in the Australian state of Victoria. According to local newspaper 7NEWS Melbourne, at about 10 a.m. on July 30, the battery in the Tesla Megapack battery pack caught fire. The causes of the fire have not yet been reported, as well as whether it was possible to cope with the fire. It is noted that the fire broke out during the test run of the storage batteries, which, upon completion of construction, should become the largest in the world.

Together with Tesla, the French company Neoen SA is engaged in the project, which received a contract to build a giant 300 megawatt battery system with a capacity of 450 megawatt-hours. The authorities allocated a subsidy for it in the amount of 160 million local dollars. The Tesla Megapack, nicknamed the Victorian Big Battery for its location, was due to be completed before the end of this year. However, the fire could have made adjustments to the plans.

Nobody was hurt when the 13-ton battery caught fire. Firefighters arrived on time and tried to prevent the spread of fire to other units, representatives of Neoen and Tesla are cooperating with them. According to the managing director of the French company, Louis de Sambusi, the facility was disconnected from the network, so the incident will not affect the electricity supply. No substances hazardous to health were found in the air during the monitoring.

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