In Brazil have discovered a factory for assembling fake luxury cars

In Brazil have discovered a factory for assembling fake luxury cars

Police in the Brazilian city itajaí found a plant for the Assembly of “clones” luxury sport cars from famous brands – Ferrari and Lamborghini.

It should be noted that the sale of replicas of famous luxury brands in Brazil is not uncommon. Local businesses create fake clothes and any other accessories that were released in China. However, the “handicraft” production of luxury Italian sportscar surprised not only police, but also citizens in General.

As they say in the message a press-services of the local police, in the production were the father and son who were together in one of the premises of the Brazilian city of Itajai. All its products garage craftsmen implemented through social networks with advance reservation. The cost of a “clone” of the sports car was about 8% of the price of the real model.

Edition notes that the merchandise is definitely popular, because in addition to 8, almost ready for shipment, copies, guardians of order was discovered and the various parts, components, moulds for die casting parts and finish materials.

Italian automakers have already filed a lawsuit. While the organizers of the production of counterfeit machines filed charges and sent home under recognizance not to leave. Probably they will have in the future to pay a multimillion-dollar fine.

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