In China announced the electric car Fengguang MINI EV

In China announced the electric car Fengguang MINI EV


The full premiere of the novelty will take place next year.

The big success of the Wuling Mini EV, a miniature, low-cost electric vehicle, has made other manufacturers wiggle. Therefore, last autumn, a similar hatchback Chery QQ of a new generation saw the light, and now a similar electric car was announced by the Dongfeng concern. The new Dongfeng Fengguang Mini EV three-door hatchback has exactly the same form factor as the aforementioned two models: “cubic” proportions, flat body panels, 12-inch wheels spaced at the corners. And in terms of dimensions, the novelty almost repeats the analogues of other companies: length – 2995 mm, width – 1495 mm, and height equal to 1640 mm. The wheelbase of the electric car is only 1960 mm.

Interestingly, a separate division of DFSK (Dongfeng Sokon), which is known for simple and inexpensive commercial vehicles, was engaged in the development of the city electric car. For the three-door Mini EV, a new logo was invented in the form of a stylized letter “E”. The body color palette will consist of pastel colors.

There are no images of the interior of the novelty yet, and there are not so many technical details. The Dongfeng Fengguang Mini EV will have a 34 hp electric motor. against the 27-horsepower engines of the Wuling and Chery models. The power unit is mounted on the rear axle, which is a continuous axle with a massive gearbox. Other information will appear closer to the full debut of the car in the first quarter of next year.

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