In China started production of electric vehicles on the basis of the Saab 9-3

In China started production of electric vehicles on the basis of the Saab 9-3

Swedish company NEVS, which owns the assets of bankrupt automaker Saab, has started serial production of the electric version of the legacy sedan 9-3. Modern electric vehicles in the model range will also be, but later.

We continue with the curiosity to follow what is happening with the former Saab – the brand, many still love and remember. Since 2012, the automotive division of the same name of the Swedish company was owned in Sweden, but existing in the Chinese money of the company National Electric Vehicle Sweden. Initially, she planned to revive Saab under its historic name, but still alive aircraft holding Saab AB did not give the Chinese the rights to use its trademark, and in 2016 the Chinese Saabs exclusively known under the acronym faceless NEVS.

A year earlier, NEVS announced its intention to produce electric cars on inherited new platform Phoenix, but the first in the series was to go electric Saab 9-3 on antiquated platform the Opel Vectra B. This is mildly not the most modern machine supposedly caused the excessive demand from Chinese corporate clients NEVS press-service of the company reported the prisoners multibillion-dollar contracts. For their performance in December 2017 NEVS officially launched in the Chinese Tianjin plant with capacity of 50 thousand cars per year with growth potential up to 220 thousand, but then the test Assembly did not get, and two and a half years ultra-modern manufacturing complex stood essentially idle. Against this background, weird made last summer by the leadership of NEVS statement of intent to build another plant in Shanghai with capacity of 200 thousand cars per year. The Swedish plant in Trollhattan meanwhile, also did not release…

And now the publication Automotive News reported that on the main Assembly line in Tianjin has crept electric 9-3 sedans. Curiously, the press service of NEVS about this significant, if not landmark for the company event for some reason, silence, and the news came on the line Evergrande Group is a Chinese industrial holding company, which earlier this year bought a 51% stake in NEVS (49% owned by the holding company National Modern Energy). On a technical stuffing of the electric ex-Saab is still little known: two years ago it was reported that the car will be supplied with an electric motor with 177 HP power and can drive on one charge of about 300 km Since new inputs on the car did not arrive, but, hopefully, the Chinese media in the near future find out the whole story.

The January change of ownership has led to other perturbations in NEVS. In the same month, it was reported that NEVS buys for 150 million euros, 20% stock supercar manufacturer Koenigsegg, and that two Swedish companies create joint venture for development of some new models. Later NEVS on the money Evergrande Group bought a Chinese supplier of lithium-ion batteries CENAT New Energy and the two companies engaged in the development of the electric motor-wheels – British Protean Electric and the Dutch e-Traction. From this we can make the assumption that the concept of the future NEVS models has undergone profound changes that about any platform Phoenix longer speech, and the upcoming new items will be more like the Dutch One Lightyear electric car, is also equipped with in-wheel motors.

Will the series previously announced the redesigned 9-3 sedan and cross-universal 9-3X based on it, too, is unclear. In that incident, the Chinese market is ready to absorb at least 50 thousand electric 9-3 sedans, hard to believe, especially considering how much here lately there is a new, much more modern and attractive electric cars. However, if the previously announced contracts were not fake, then NEVS may indeed move towards its cherished goal – to become a world leader in the field of environmentally friendly road transport.

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