In China, two models became the “Car of the Year”

In China, two models became the “Car of the Year”


Recently, China announced the results of the Car of the year competition, which was held as part of the prestigious Xuanyuan Award 2021 for quality and innovation in cars.

It is known that it was awarded for the eighth time in a row, but this year it became unique, as the jury could not name one winner. So, the main prize was divided between two cars.

Recall that the Xuanyuan Award in China is called the automobile Oscar. According to the published data, during the final meeting of the jury, five votes were held.

This was necessary because, according to the tradition of the award, no decision will be considered final until all members of the Commission agree with it.

However, they could not decide on the winner between the two sedans-Hongqi H9 and Xpeng P9. It is known that at some point the judges decided that they would still leave one winner. However, when they unanimously won the big premium Hongqi, the jury decided that this was unfair to the electric car.

Note that when choosing the top 10 from the shortlist of 25, the Xpeng P9 car became the first in terms of the number of votes scored.

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