In Dnipro, the cars of non-payers of traffic fines are seized


Police and state executive service officers are looking for the cars of drivers who do not systematically pay traffic fines. The cars are seized and sent to the penalty areas.

“Thousands of drivers drive around the city every day, evading traffic fines. However, thanks to the interaction of the police and the state executive service, the cars of violators are being searched for and seized, “the South-Eastern Interregional Department of the Ministry of Justice of the city of Dnipro reported.

As specified in the Ministry of Justice, in a week in the city they found and sent to the penalty areas cars, the owners of which had accumulated fines in cases of administrative offenses in the field of road safety. The number of seized cars is not indicated, but it was noted that most of the debtors fully or partially repaid their debts the very next day after the forced evacuation of the cars.

Let us remind you that in early November, after high-profile accidents in Kharkov, the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine launched a joint project to restore order on the roads of the country. The police and the State Executive Service systematize information about drivers who often break the rules and refuse to pay fines. Pay attention to cars with marks of exceeding the speed of 150 km / h in the city. The police find the cars of the violators, the GIS officers arrive at the scene and seize the car.

The initiative started in Kharkov, after a couple of weeks it spread to Kiev. The next should be Dnipro, after which the turn will come to Odessa.

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