In England car number history sold for 306 thousand dollars

In England car number history sold for 306 thousand dollars

Unique car number “AJ1” went under the hammer at auction in England, conducted by the Agency for licensing drivers and vehicles (DVLA) for ?243 million ($306.6 thousand), becoming one of the most expensive for all history of similar auctions in the UK. Reports about it on Wednesday newspaper the Daily Express.

Such cost, according to the seller – police in the English County of North Yorkshire, because of “very great interest” to the license plate, which first appeared in 1907 in a car of the chief constable, major sir Robert Bower.

“The historical component is important for the LIC plate North Yorkshire, but now the cost is large sums of money that can be spent more usefully,” – said the Commissioner of police of the County Julia Mulligan.

Proceeds will be directed on creation of the memorial garden, police in Northallerton, as well as the Fund of security of traffic. About the new owner a rare sign not reported.

Previously, two rare automobile license plates – “SW1” that is identical to the postcode of the Central district of London where the houses of Parliament and Buckingham Palace, and its variation “1SW” – was purchased at an English auction in Coys ?300 million ($378,5 thousand) each. But the most expensive was the license plate “25 0”, which five years ago went at auction in the UK for ?518 thousand ($653,6 million).

Every year in the United Kingdom sold tens of thousands of the original numbers. Price for the opportunity to have a special license plate soared over the past decade, dozens of times. According to the estimates of the Association of dealers of rare rooms, from 10 to 20% of the cars in the UK have personalized rooms. Of particular interest, as experts, are plates with a small set of letters and numbers, as well as those that resemble the names of the bidders.

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