In Europe 1500 copies Lada 4×4 came under opinion


It became known about the beginning of repair campaign, which takes place in Germany and involves 1,500 copies Lada 4×4, implemented in the country in 2017 and 2018. The reason for the withdrawal was a mistake during production.

It turned out that pipeline export SUVs went incorrectly laid cable of the generator that may cause a fire. Local dealers informed the owners ofn cars on the need to visit the dealership for a free inspection. On the cars, which will detect the defect, replace the insulation and re-routed the cable.


In 2018, for the same reason Lada 4×4 came under review in our country – then the campaign has touched 39,000 SUVs. The company explained that due to improper installation wire insulation of the generator can peretiraetsya on the upper arm of the front suspension.

In may of the current year under review were another model of AVTOVAZ – Lada Largus. All released for half a year, vans (about 33 thousand copies) was detected displacement of the membrane in the housing of the vacuum brake booster.

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