In Europe called major threats for the development of electric mobility market

In Europe called major threats for the development of electric mobility market

In the next two years the market for electric vehicles in Europe could rise significantly, due to a number of factors.

In particular, automakers fear huge fines for emissions that will enter in the EU, and the risk of cancellation of a credit system for environmentally friendly cars.

The point is that companies for each car to the electrician allowed to issue one gasoline or diesel vehicle.

Yet customers are offered a not very wide choice of electric vehicles. Moreover, for quite a long time the two most popular models are the Tesla and the Nissan Leaf. Of course, the market presents and other electric vehicles, but the demand for them is very small.

But 2020 could be a turning point, and all because many automakers have planned for that period of the presentation of their cars with zero emissions.

In addition, in the next five years, the company BMW plans to launch 25 new models of electric or hybrid cars. But Volkswagen actually preparing to just 50 models in the next five years.

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While in Europe, there is fairly low demand for electric cars is only 2% of the market. This low level is due, primarily, lack of infrastructure, that is, the system of charges.

Another problem of market growth is the increasing use of carcharhinoid platforms, such as Uber. That is, people no need to buy your own car.

According to experts, in the production of auto currently there are too many revolutions, and this is not the best process.

Recall that in the EU from next year there will be new rules, according to which the average amount of CO2 should not exceed 95 grams per kilometre. Every gram above the norm will cost 95 Euro.

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