In Europe it will be a 20-horsepower electric car eBussy

In Europe it will be a 20-horsepower electric car eBussy


The German company Electric Brands is preparing to release to the European market electric car called eBussy. In the heart of the model is easily transformable platform, which will be a whole line of cars with different types of bodies.

Looks eBussy inspired by the retro style and sleek shape and round headlights, United by a black bar with the logo in the middle, like electric hatchback Honda e. In line eBussy, which will be available in 2021, will include one-volume van, pickup, truck, camper and other variations.

In the cabin each version will install moveable steering wheel – moving it to the front panel, you can do eBussy RHD, LHD, or even to install the steering wheel center. This is possible thanks to the technology drive-by-wire, which involves the replacement of mechanical components of vehicle control electronic.


The movement of the underlying eBussy contained electric in-wheel motors with power up to 20 horsepower, with torque up to 1000 Nm. In the low-end version, the motors are powered from a traction battery capacity of 10 kWh and a cruising range without recharging up to 200 km is Also available battery 30 kWh, which will allow you to drive on a single charge up to 600 km.

It is expected that the starting price tag eBussy will be about 15.8 thousand euros. Top camper with an extended list of equipment will be offered at a price of 28.8 million euros.

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