In Europe, they turned on plug-in hybrids

In Europe, they turned on plug-in hybrids


The European climate group called on local authorities to stop providing plug-in hybrids with tax breaks and various types of subsidies. Experts believe that these machines are harmful to the environment is stronger than we are told by advertising.

Plug-in hybrids emit much more CO2 than automakers tell us. The experts came to this conclusion based on the results of independent tests: they tested three SUVs of different brands: BMW X5, Volvo XC60 and Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV.

Environmentalists were not satisfied with the results. Moreover, the authors of this study were quite harsh in their assessments. So, in their opinion, plug-in hybrids were created not for real driving, but for laboratory research and tax incentives. Therefore, the authorities should stop supporting this kind of transport at the expense of taxpayers.

Reuters managed to get a comment from the companies whose cars were included in the tests. So Volvo reminded that all their cars meet the current emission requirements. Mitsubishi also said that such independent checks can show unreliable results.

In General, for the three quarters of 2020, plug-in hybrids account for almost half of all sales of electric or electrified cars in the EU.

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