In France develop powerbank for electric vehicles

In France develop powerbank for electric vehicles


For electric vehicles created by the external battery. It is offered on the terms of the lease.

French startup EP Tender creates an external battery for electric vehicles. This powerbank is a trailer with which the car can be recharged on the go, writes Electrek.

The power external battery is 36.5 kWh, but within five years it is planned to increase to 60 kWh. It should help those users who live in the regions with insufficiently developed network of charging stations for electric cars, and those who need to increase the distance of range on a single charge.


Users are supposed to rent this powerbank-trailer for $37. The price of external battery pack is $11 000. EP Tender implies to become profitable by 2024, donating $ 60,000 rent 4 150 trailers.

EP Tender is negotiating with automakers Renault and PSA about equipping their vehicles with systems of the towing and joining of powerbank-trailer. To adapt the already released cars you can use the kit for $650.

Useful for development or will it be a failure?

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