In Germany, a protest by thousands of bikers

In Germany, a protest by thousands of bikers


Saturday, July 4, in Germany there was an outbreak of protests from the local bikers who went on strike against the ban of the Central government, which plans to introduce restrictions on movement during public holidays and weekends. About it reports DW.

According to Western media, with a similar legislative initiative in the Bundestag made in the month of may.

The government decided that such a rule will help reduce the amplitude and strength of the city noise that prevents the peaceful rest of the population.

It is noted that as a demonstration in many cities of Germany were organized various congresses bikers.

One of the biggest gatherings have been organized in Stuttgart, where the gathering came not less than ten thousand bikers.


It is reported that the scale of the action has acquired unexpected dimensions. For example, in the same town of Friedrichshafen did not expect that the event will be about five thousand bikers, while for calculating the maximum interested in the protest of people reached 1 thousand.

It is interesting that recently in support of these representatives of the road, suddenly called the Minister of transport of Germany, Andreas Scheuer, who said that the local authorities of Germany have no right to impose restrictions for this category of people.

We will remind that from the 1st of June in Ukraine started a new system of video fixing of infringements of traffic regulations. If the driver submitted personal information to the interior Ministry, the notification must come in the form of SMS or e-mail.

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