In Germany, built a pickup Niva for 35 thousand euros

In Germany, built a pickup Niva for 35 thousand euros


The German studio ACG-Auto Center took up the tuning of the Niva. The SUV was turned into a spectacular pickup truck. Now the car is up for sale on the popular site and they are asking for as much as 35 thousand euros for it – four times more than for a standard Niva.

The project was named Lada Zubr Concept Pick-Up, and it is based on the new Lada Niva Legend of 2021. They created a Niva pickup truck in three months.

The roof of the car in the rear was cut off and a cargo platform with a folding side appeared in place of the rear seats and the trunk. The body had to be strengthened to compensate for the loss of rigidity, and there were also holes for draining water.

In addition, the Lada ubr Concept Pick-Up received steel bumpers and steps, a snorkel and additional optics on the roof. Tuning Niva includes a modified hood and grille. Ground clearance increased by 50 mm (up to 255 mm). The interior was covered with leather.

Under the Niva’s hood is a familiar 1.7-liter engine, but its power has been increased from 83 to 92 hp. With. For operation in Germany, the motor now complies with Euro-6 eco-standards.

By the way, this is not the first Niva from Germany. Previously, this country even launched the production of a special version of the SUV.

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