In Germany, created a battery of record capacity

In Germany, created a battery of record capacity


Scientists at the Helmholtz Institute have developed a lithium metal battery with twice the energy density. The capacity of modern lithium-ion batteries is 285 W * h, and solid-state units can reach 400-500 W * h. The capacity of the new battery is capable of surpassing the parameters of solid-state batteries – up to 560 W * h / kg.

The institute’s engineering team drew attention to the combination of a cathode and an electrolyte. As it turned out, a nickel-rich cathode allows a large amount of energy to be stored, and an ionic liquid electrolyte eliminates the fact of cathode destruction.

88% of the battery capacity is retained even after 1000 charge cycles. The efficiency of the new battery is 99.94%. Nevertheless, serial production is still very far away.

General Motors has announced that the next generation Ultium batteries will be lithium metal, with a specific capacity of 400-500 Wh / kg. Currently, we need to solve the problem with the stability of their work. Because electrode materials can react with conventional electrolyte systems.

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