In Germany, found a huge cemetery new Mercedes-Benz


In Germany near Bremen discovered a huge cemetery of Mercedes-Benz. About 9,000 vehicles are for months on an abandoned airfield Ahlhorn, according to Radio Bremen.

Cars so many that they filled the 2.5-kilometer runway. Most of them – the new crossover Mercedes GLE and GLS, as well as sedans C-Class, E-Class and CLS.

No, we – not the consequences of Disilicate. It turns out at the airport collected the defective car. Mercedes found defects in the bumpers and seats.


Representatives of Mercedes has said that the reason for the marriage the bad parts. The group has already found other vendors and soon will remedy defects on a new car. However, the Germans did not say what they would do with the old kind of Mercedes R-Class, which is also lacking in Althorne.

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