In Hollywood wanted to make a film about the escape of Carlos Ghosn

In Hollywood wanted to make a film about the escape of Carlos Ghosn


Hollywood could make a movie about the escape of the former head of Nissan Carlos Ghosn in Japan. The Daily Mail reports that the request to implicate already asked the producer of the film “Birdman” John Lesher.

According to unofficial data, the plot of the future film is already in development. How to respond to this request, the rut is still unknown. Earlier it was reported that Netflix is interested in a film about the escape of the former head of Nissan.

Carlos Ghosn has violated the conditions of bail and left Japan on 31 Dec. His decision, he explained “political persecution”. He also stressed that he is not going to remain “a prisoner of the Japanese unfair judicial system.” The details of the escape of Gon kept secret. It was reported that the gon had left Japan on a private jet hidden in a box of musical instruments. To Beirut a former top Manager travelled through Istanbul.


At the moment, the rut continues to be in Lebanon. This country and Japan have no agreement on extradition of criminals. At the last press conference, Ghosn has openly accused the leadership of Nissan in the fact that the case against him was fabricated by the government of Japan. Everything that happened he called political persecution and gross violation of human rights. He said that the actions of Nissan almost destroyed the largest Alliance in the world, calling the current relationship between the companies “masquerade”.

The former head of Alliance Renault–Nissan–Mitsubishi Carlos Ghosn was detained November 19, 2018. Japanese police suspect him of tax evasion. According to her, he deliberately distorted information about the amount of private payments. Investigators began an investigation against top Manager after an anonymous whistleblower inside the automaker.

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