In Hong Kong, found the most expensive Parking in the world

In Hong Kong, found the most expensive Parking in the world


Nothing surprising in the fact that the most expensive Parking place is found exactly in the Asian metropolis, no: Hong Kong recent years, surely one of the top three cities with the most expensive real estate on the planet.

But what is it exactly? According to the South China Morning Post, Parking space for one car in the Parking lot 73-storey office building The Center in Central Hong Kong was sold for 7.6 million Hong Kong dollars, or about 969 000 dollars American.


Almost a million dollars paid for an area of 12.5 square meters, that is, it cost the buyer nearly 78 229 dollars for “square”. As reported by our American colleagues, it is four times more expensive the average cost per square meter of housing in new York city, and according to Hong Kong press, Parking was three times more expensive than the price of residential property in the Hong Kong.

Who exactly put that kind of money for a piece of concrete on the top floor of a three level Parking lot in Central Hong Kong, not specified: the seller, the investor johnny Chung Shan state And refused to tell the press the name of the buyer. We only know that the same person holds the office in the skyscraper. By the way, the previous record for the price of a Parking space also belonged to Hong Kong last year for Parking in one of the residential complexes in prestigious area posted 760 000 us dollars.

How much do You usually pay for Parking in your city?

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