In India debuted a budget equivalent Hyundai Santa Fe from Haima

In India debuted a budget equivalent Hyundai Santa Fe from Haima


Opened the motor show Auto Expo 2020 in India in new Delhi was presented the mid-size crossover Haima 8S that in the near future may enter the Indian market.

Haima 8S, which is considered a low-cost version of the popular Hyundai Santa Fe, steadily expanding its sales. Now the brand presented the SUV to its buyers in India. Externally, the Chinese are similar to Korean crossover Hyundai Santa Fe current generation: dimensional grille similar shape and stylish split-level head optics.

In the salon Haima 8S there was a place for advanced multimedia with “floating” touchscreen, which is in no hurry to go out of fashion, a virtual “tidy”, sport steering wheel, electronic gear selector, etc.


Is based new “celestial” SUV on the platform of HMGA with independent rear suspension. Its length reaches 4 565 mm with a wheelbase of 2,700 mm.

The movement of the cross leads one of the two available turbo engine: 1.2-liter 148-horsepower and 1.6-litre returns 194 HP Both engine are combined with the “mechanics” of six stages and seven-step “robot”. About the full drive of the question.

Equipped the crossover is very rich: from the contactless charging for gadgets to cameras, circular video review and useful driving assistants. At the interior the manufacturer used leather with bright stitching. The interior complements the panoramic sunroof. In the domestic market for the budget Haima 8S asking 85 900 yuan (us$12 300). It is 2.5 times cheaper than the original price for Hyundai Santa Fe.

What do you think, accustomed to such Haima 8S in Ukraine?

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