In India introduced the modern electric car

In India introduced the modern electric car


In the framework of the Indian automobile salon presented the latest electric SUV Mahindra eKUV100. The reserve is only 147 km away, while charging to 80% takes 55 minutes.


Indian automobile giant Mahindra has decided to “break” in the electric segment of the automotive market. For 2020 the planned five new models of electric cars. The first of them was the urban crossover for 825 000 rupees. Although an originality, modern design and new technology is the cheapest electric car in India.

Electric car Mahindra eKUV100 built on the basis of the standard model of crossover KUV100. Visually, the novelty differs only in several details. Unlike the original, it received a closed grille, blue decorative elements on it and head optics. Blue tones, alludes to electricity, continue in design lekoplakia disks and aft.

Instead of three-cylinder petrol engine under the hood, installed the motor with an output of around 70 horsepower and 120 Nm of torque. The reserve is only 147 km., it is Assumed that the model will be used exclusively in the city. The battery pack has a capacity of only 16 kWh, and equipped with liquid cooling system.

In addition, the model has received fairly extensive list of the modern standard and optional equipment. Crossover Mahindra eKUV100 can be integrated with the phone to control some systems and remote diagnostics. Also has Keyless access to the salon, the system of circular video review and electronic assistants to the driver.

Unfortunately, the exact date and specifications not yet announced. Also it is not known whether the group to come up with a new product on foreign markets.


Meanwhile, Mahindra in the same cabin presented a concept sports electric car in the back of the Roadster. Power reserve of 500 km and acceleration to “hundreds” takes only five seconds.

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