In Japan, by 2023, there will be a flying electric taxi

In Japan, by 2023, there will be a flying electric taxi


Startup Volocopter will launch its flying taxis called eVTOL in Japan in 2 years. By 2030, such vehicles will begin to transport not only people, but also goods, writes the Electrek edition.

Volocopter is a developer of urban air mobility. The startup is going to take over all the elements of the system at once: to produce aircraft, build, and also manage airports for them. The company is headquartered in Germany.

Today Volocopter is developing three projects at once. These are VoloCity taxis, VoloDrone cargo drones, and devices for longer flights called VoloConnect. All these vehicles are vertical takeoff and landing, which is especially valuable in the crowded conditions of modern cities. They are already operating in test mode in Germany, next in line are Singapore, Los Angeles and China. Now Japan has joined them.

Since February 2020, Japan Airlines has been an investor in the Volocopter startup, among others. Most recently, she ordered 100 eVTOL flying taxis. A project to gradually commercialize the flying taxi in Japan is scheduled to take place from 2025 to 2030.

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