In Japan revived the glowing license plate

In Japan revived the glowing license plate


For this country such license plates for cars are not a new experience. The first glow-signs have appeared in Japan back in the 1970s They were widespread in Northern areas, where because of snow and frequent fogs, the drivers had problems with visibility.

In Japan revived the glowing license plate. The first license plates with such a feature appeared in the 70s. they used conventional incandescent bulbs, but with the development of LED technology, they were replaced by LEDs. Active work in this direction is carried out by CGS, which boasts a wealth of experience in the field of LED technology. It was she entrusted the project to create license plates for cars with internal LED illumination. The first thing that needed to be resolved to the Japanese experts, – increase in the service life of the diodes, since one of the main requirements to the rooms of the new sample was their durability.

In everyday life we are confronted with LEDs, whose lifespan does not exceed 20 thousand hours. In CGS decided to increase this figure. For this it was necessary to eliminate the overheating elements, which is known to reduce their lifespan. The Japanese invented a special layout of the diodes and to improve heat dissipation in the cover plate used copper.


All this helped to ensure that operating diodes R-Ray are only 6.5 degrees warmer than the environment. Over 100 thousands of hours of work they lose only 3% of brightness.

Another requirement, which was necessary to comply with the uniformity of illumination. The experts CGS helped the technology used in the production of LCD TVs. Each symbol glowed with the same brightness was used back light and a special lens. The ideal indicator in the unit had not yet been attained. The irregularity index here is 1.7. This is less than in household appliances, where it ranges from 2.4 to 7.1.

The set of such luminous license plates will have to pay 24,000 yen ($220). The company promises free repair or replacement of any rooms without restrictions the warranty period. So CGS are confident in their technology.

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