In July cars with mileage took three-quarters of the market

In July cars with mileage took three-quarters of the market

In July, the Ukrainians have registered over 24 thousand imported cars with mileage, according to Ukrautoprom. This number of registrations exceeded the result of last year’s July is almost 2.5 times. The share of used-shnoy technology in primary registrations amounted to 76%.

The most popular brand among imported second-hand VOLKSWAGEN remains. Per month used cars this popular German brand was acquired 3854 Ukrainian.

Second was RENAULT, 2041 car which changed their international numbers in Ukrainian.


In third place is SKODA with the result of a 1989 car.

Cars FORD 1951 chosen people – and this is the fourth result on the primary market of passenger cars that were in operation.

The top five leaders of OPEL – 1624 PCs.

Since the beginning, the Ukrainian residence received 274.2 thousand of used cars, which is 5.3 times more than in the same period last year.

In the first seven months of 2019 TOP 5 brands of passenger cars, which replaced foreign ownership in Ukrainian, as follows:

  • VOLKSWAGEN – 52647 item;
  • OPEL – 26038 piece.
  • RENAULT – 20863 piece.
  • AUDI – 19880 PCs.;
  • SKODA – 19755 PCs.
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